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  1. This is from Text-Davinci-3 but I could have used Chat-GPT. I asked it to write a sitcom:
    Write a screenplay for a 20 minute TV sitcom in which Donald and Melania Trump are reduced to living in penury in a shabby NYC apartment:
    FADE IN: EXT. NYC APARTMENT BUILDING - DAY The building looks shabby and rundown, in stark contrast to the grandiose apartment buildings that Donald and Melania Trump usually live in. We PAN DOWN as though we're looking out from their new apartment window.
    Donald and Melania (both looking much older than their years) sit gloomily on a threadbare sofa, the room sparsely filled with second-hand furniture. Donald is mumbling to himself, clearly despondent about their situation. Melania just looks quietly angry.
    MELANIA (Not looking at him) And you said this would never happen! You said no one could touch us, no matter what!
    DONALD (Weakly) I was wrong... I guess even a billionaire isn't immune to misfortune. MELANIA Maybe if you hadn’t spent so much time indulging your ego....
    DONALD glares at her angrily, but she doesn’t back down and the two of them lapse into silence. Suddenly the door bell rings and they both spring up off of the sofa in surprise - they weren't expecting visitors! A muffled voice can be heard on the other side of the door speaking rapidly in an unknown language; it gradually becomes clearer as Donald's visitor speaks louder: he is being evicted due to unpaid rent!
    Melania stalks over to yank open the door and reveals an exasperated landlord standing outside holding eviction papers for Donald & Melania Trump’s shabby NYC apartment. The landlord has a very thick accent which isn’t familiar to either DONALD or MELANIA - he holds up his hands defensively when he sees their anger boiling over:
    LANDLORD Really I'm sorry but ya gotta leave immediately - this here's my house now...
    DONALD fires back that it might have been his house “once upon a time” but not anymore – before MELANIA can drag her husband away from his outburst she turns towards the landlord again – shoots him an icily menacing look – then lets loose with one final zinger:
    MELANIA Oh yeah? Looks like your high-rolling days are over too buddy…now take your eviction papers with you and GTFO...She slams the door shut after him viciously then turns towards DONALD who stares at her speechless – only then does she finally crack a half smile - relieved yet still defiant all at once-she strides over to embrace her husband while they take stock of their new reality outside together…….. FADE OUT
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  2. left over mementoes of their once grandeur days is vital,
    the MAGA hat, Melia's dress collection, model of trump tower etc
    a brief over view from POTUS to their current state is helpful but done how?
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  3. LOL. Great ideas. But I am not really going for it. I'm too busy writing my new novel and marketing the one just released. But I do think there will be a Trump and Melania sitcom one day.
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  4. Hah) Nice story!

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