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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dark00Stirfry, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. whuddup everyone? I'm Dave Hultin aka Stir-fry, that's my artistic alias. I don't know how much of an artist i pass off as, but i devlelop characters as for a comic or cartoon. I do get great inspiration from smoking the jane.
    I'm from Lansing Michigan, I am 21 (October 30 1982) and i work at Red Cedar Grill in Williamston. Regretfully i share a co-op dependancy with mom, she divorced dad about a year ago. Things are rough but could be worse. :/
    I've been drawing ever since i was 5 animating since 14 and a lil bit of clay modeling.
    I'd like to start glass blowing for obvious reasons. =D
    I'm into PC/Console gaming mostly Role Playing Games, Real Time Strategy's, First Person Shooters, 3rd persons and fighting games. I also like roller-skating, especially when on a crazy high(i get really energetic).
    My musical taste is highly influenced by punk rock and ska. I also like jazz, swing, some gangsta rap. a few of my favorite bands are fugazi, pink floyd, dead kennedys, choking victim and leftover crack.
    I started smoking jane when i was 18 but i didn't make it habitual until i got my younger brother started last year. He is a lot of fun to smoke with. Last summer was a blast, nearly the most fun i've ever had. =) we were going 90 miles an hour in every direction.
    Lately smoking has been more theraputic than fun which i am afraid could lead to a problem. anyhoo, i think i rambled on a bit too much, heh. nice to make a proper introduction tho.
    Uh feel free to PM me about whatever. See you around the forums.
  2. Welcome to stonerville city.. Come on in get stoned and talk to one of our theropist!!!! Have fun!
  3. welcome to the city....
  4. (Highgirly, your avatar has me all screwed up. :p )

    Welcome to the City, Stirfry! :D
  5. Heh thanks.... i think. ;)
    I don't see the danger in expressing where i work. I mean, I live in Michigan. Who would ever want to come HERE? ya know, 5 months of winter.
  6. Welcome to our little happy community here. We are all fun-loving hippies at heart that just enjoy our good times. Hope to see you around. I have quite a few skating stories myself..............most just embarrass me though but I like a good laugh.

    Peace and love.............

  7. oh boy lol...yeah im staying outta michigan :) played soccer there once, thats enough for me :) welcome to the city!!

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