Ahmandinejad talks at Columbia

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. The guy never answers a freaking question.
  2. Just like every other politician.
  3. Ahmandinejad has some good points when he talks...but IMO he's also got some very visible holes that he doesn't know how to cover up.

    When confronted with the question about the persecution and execution of homosexuals he said "We don't have homosexuals in Iran, not like you do in your country."

    I wish I could have seen him though...

    Bollinger couldn't have been more of an unhospitable host and Ahmandinejad brings that up first. Saying "In Iran, we would give our students and professors the right to make their own judgements(I don't know how much of this is true...but he makes a good point) rather than speak before the invited speaker and denounce his name before he even got to say a word."

    IMO it was Bollinger taking his chance to throw out a couple of cheap(though well aimed) shots at Iran's president, and it showed his lack of professionalism and especially his lack of belief in "Free speech" since he basically ragged on him for 10 minutes before allowing him to speak.
  4. so are we going to war with him or what?
  5. Ahman brings up some brilliant points.

    Like how it is stupid to spend billions of dollars building up a certain coutry (Israel).

    Like how it's stupid to have Nuclear weapons in the first place.

    Like how its stupid to bash a speaker before he even speaks.

    Like how American government is wrongfully blaming Iran for supporting terrorism, it's complete bullshit.
  6. Are you serious? Go Iran? He's killing our boys in Iraq. He denies the Holocaust, the murder of SIX million Jews and FOUR million others? The most documented event in history! He threatens the destruction of our closest ally! How can you love the reincarnation of Hitler?

    Of course, Bollinger was unhospitable, Ahmadinejad is a "cruel and petty tyrant" and that's the truth. He shouldn't have been allowed into America, nor does he have the right to free speech in our country. He is not entitled to the rights under the constitution--he's not American! I say kick the useless U.N. out of America to Tehran and let them bitch about Human Rights violations there.
  7. Honestly I highly doubt he outright denies the Holocaust, thats what they were saying but I've never heard anything about it.

    I'd like to see a direct quote on that one.

    As for his stance on supporting terrorism, we can't really know, only what our government tells us.

    And our government tells us alot of things that aren't true.
  8. Regardless of what he does or says, a university is supposed to be a place where ideas can be freely exchanged, regardless of how controversial. He should have been welcomed wih open arms. I wish I could have been there.
    Also, he is definently not a madman as some people describe him.
  9. Its true, he seems like a pretty reasonable guy aside from denying homosexuality exists in Iran, but who cares about that even to each his own.
  10. I'd love to see what they would say if he said he'd like to do some more research on Jesus.
  11. I'm glad im not the only one who thinks he isnt a madman, at least not entierly, as for Bollinger he acted very unfriendly and certianly didnt act very professional, if i was in bollingers shoes id take a far different approach, and when he said irans president should answer with yes or no that was a stupid think too say things that important cant be just answered with yes and no. president bush didnt even adress the iranian president and the un meeting which he SHOULD have if there has been such a discrepence with him.
  12. Forreal how dare bolinger demand that he answer yes or no.
  13. He doesn't deny the holocaust. He just believes there should be further research on it because of the inconsistencies and pointed out that European historians and scholars are getting thrown in prison for wanting to research the holocaust further. He said that just beacuse you know of something to be true, doesn't mean it's the complete truth. He compared it to science and religion, and said why is there constant research on subjects such as those, but not history. Please know the facts and stop bellowing out the administrations propaganda. At this point I would believe Ahmandinejad over any one in the adminstration.
  14. Exactly! You ask the guest to talk at your school- at least give him a little respect. That just makes us look worst.
  15. Truth be to that, I'd believe him over the Bush administration or any of his lackey politicians driven by money and power any day.

    Call me a terrorist.
  16. He spoke well and was very professional i think. I don't understand why people think we have a problem with Iran.
  17. wow i though somebody was gonna give me crap for that but i guess i was percises in saying that. he did invite him at least treat him with respect like he is respecting us in our own country shoot the way bush and other politicans act toward him make everything just look bad. hes a human treat him with the respect you would want in return.
  18. jagfan i don't think we really have a problem with Iran, bush is just finding another country to vent on for his failed tactics and even poorer handling of his presidency.
  19. My problem is he is supplying weapons to people who are killing AMERICANS and ISREALITES.

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