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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Elem3nt, May 6, 2003.

  1. Oh my god, I had 2 white widow plants growing in my closet. They were getting to be about 4inches tall and they were growing in there second set of leaves. Then the other day my friend came over and was fooling around with my shit and he broke the pully system , then left it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the time i got upstairs the plants were burnt to a crisp! im sooo depressed, im just gonna go buy a quarter and smoke my problem away. sigh...................
  2. you need to kick his ass and then make him buy you a bag.
  3. why did you even let him see the plants?? never let anyone touch or see you most prized posesions.

    he's obviouly a fuck, why would he fuck areound with you plants, he ruined for himself, 'cause not you cant give any.

    man, dude, if my friend was growing WW , i would help him water the plants and take care of them.

    this is pissing me off, sorry your friend is really stupid, like big time.
  4. yeah... thats grounds for banishment...
  5. not just banishment, castration.
  6. considering how he was the one who gave me the seads i cant realiy banish him

  7. exactly! i would be pissed!
  8. Then he should know to tell you when he fucks something up so you can fix it right away.

  9. too true.

    there are few crimes worse than destroying another man's plants.
  10. damn, i hope ur not friends with that guy anymore. what kind of shit is that not telling u wut he did, even if it was an accident or some shit, u should make him fuckin pay u back for ur lost weed.
  11. i say have him replace the seeds, and tell him not to fuck with stuff in your grow room. what the hell he just left it, what a dick. not a reason to loose a friend though.
  12. have him not only replace the seeds, but give you at least an ounce of the same shit.
  13. beat his ass, then rob him. Then go buy a fat sack with his money and smoke some of the herb he just bought you with him as a truce.
  14. hey if my friend fucked around with my plants and left them there and didnt tell me i wouldnt let that fucker into my growing room for a while and make him repay you the same amount for the plants he broke!!!i'd be so pissed off becuz those plants probably took a while to grow!
  15. people people, calm down here... if i here one more thing about balls getting cut off im gonna puke. plus he did give him the seeds so you can really be that pissed...
  16. No man my friendship goes beyond that shit. This guy took on 2 guys at once cuz they waz trippin on me trying to steal my wead. He beat the shit outta both of em. So hes a friend for life no matter how stupid.

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