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  1. i'M DYEING. I just got back from the doctor and it turns out I have neumonia. Aint that a bitch. I want to smoke a cig soo bad. I'm trying not to smoke bud either, but i've been averaging about a bowl a day. I can only take one little mini baby toke at a time.

    Also, for those of you who didn't hear, this saturday was prom and I fuckin had the shittiest day ever. First my boyfriend got all hammed on 151 and puked on us and then later I got arrested for possesion at 4:30 in the fucking morning which really pissed me off because I was the only one being responsible and not getting all fucked up, and I was the only one who got arrested. Welol, not the only one, I was at my friends' house and both of them got arrested too, but it was bullshit because they were both asleep at the time.
  2. hey girlie, good to see you around, havent in a while :) well, I hope you get better reeeeeeeal soon. being that sick is rough. lil tokes my friend, lil tokes :) youll be good to go soon, I know it :)
  3. Ya that sucks not being able to smoke. And prom can be rough when you go with irresponsible people. I had an alcohol free prom, but me and my friends had a party the next week for all the drunkeness. I'll fire one up for you later.
  4. Awwww, dear, I hope you get better....I know what it's like to be too sick to smoke...it sucks!!!
  5. Get better soon girlie! Stay away from the police and start posting more.. I kinda miss ya!
  6. & the prom does suck lol
  7. I'm sooo pissed, my stupid piece of shgit puppy ran out of the kitchen up the stairs to the other end of the house and took a big fat juicy shit on the carpet. I'm not talking a little puppy sized pile either, he's a great dane so his puppy shit is about the size of any grown up medium sized dog. Mother fucker ;)

    I'm glad you all missed me, I missed you too. Last night was so gay, I slept like four hours between blowing my nose horking up slime and weezing.

    Prom is gay. All I wanted was a pretty dress and some pictures, is that too much to ask? Instead I get some projectile vomit and handcuff bruises. Not to mention I probably have to testify in court now.

    Thanks for all the good thought s everyone, I appreciate it.

    and p.s. You KINDA miss me butthead? What kind of crap is that? You don't have to lie to kick it ;)
  8. Today was another one for the AAAarggggghhhh thread. First my boyfriend woke me up at ten thirty which is only like eight hours of sleep (clearly not enough right) and started being a little bitch. Then I didn't get to go back to sleep and then we got in a big old fight and almost broke up for the first time in seven months. Then I went to retrieve my lost belt and permit and pipe I lost at my friends when I got arrested and all have somehow been magically re-lost. And shit just went that way all fucking day. Like everyother fucking day.

    (Has anyonne else noticed I've been quite bitter recently?)

    I hope fun-loving smart-ass girlie will come back out soon bitter me needs a rest before I have no friends ;)
  9. Oh yeah and I quit smoking. That's a bitch too, especially since I can't smoke weed.
  10. Actually I was kind of thinking about starting my own thread called I'm a whiny bitch ;)

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