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AHhhhhhhhhhh attack of the frogs..

Discussion in 'General' started by gravy, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Frogs, every where...ribbits begining to overwhelm me... ugghhhh :D

    I kinda live on the edge of a meadow, and since spring has sprung an im guessing all the aminals are startin to get their groove on my house was blitzed by an army of lil baby frogger's last night...

    I walk into my kitchen and to my suprise, my 3 dogs are walking around my house follwin froggies... at least 5-6 of the lil buggers got in the door in the cover of darkness when i let my pooches in last night....

    an to boot when i went to put the ones that got in out side,i saw about another 50 lil guys sitten out on my back patio starin me down....

    is it a frog conspiracey out to get me or just a bunch of froggies get there jive on... you tell me....

  2. they're all about the size of a quarter.... i saw a few as i walked in tonight and i can deff start to hear them as its startin to get later....

    i tryed to keep a few, but got yelled at, saying the olny thing that'll happen to em would be endin up in the bottom of my dogs belly....

    can you fed-ex frogs to canada, if so...they're yours... :D
    bastards can hop real nice too... just babies but i swear they were gettin higher then a foot...
  3. we are all frogs.

    and ants.

    and sheep.

    and monkeys.

    definately monkeys.
  4. ????

    i dont get ur problem?
  5. All hail the Hypnotoad!!!

  6. when i was younger................ lol never mind, i like froggies now;)
  7. i want one of the magical frogs from the simpsons episode where homer goes to the south Pacific to become a missionary. I started doing some research and found out the Sonoran Desert toad produces 5-meo-DMT in its glands on its body, I want one so bad now.

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