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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Corn-dog, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. I had a job interview last week and the guy said to call him back on friday to find out if I was going to get the job. When i called him he told me someone who had worked for him for a long time came back but the next person he needs to hire he'll call me. Well i figured this was probally BS and the guy was blowing smoke up my ass. I was also pissed because i had quit smokin for over two weeks for this job interview(possible drug test) so i decided after i knew i didn't have the job to smoke and get high because i didn't get the job and i wasn't going to get drug tested. So i got high as shit on friday night, relaxed watched a movie and crashed. Then today at work i get a call from the guy; someone just quit he asked me if i wanted the job, so now after all that i have to go through this naicin crap again so my piss will be clean, i am going in on wednesday but it sounds like i don't have to take one but i am just being carefull. I just wish people would make up their minds sometime, but i am exremely happy i got the job its well worth it and i will be making almost double what i am now witch means one thing, MORE WEED!!!!
  2. thats chill you got the job. i too just got hired for the summer as a camp counseler! yah, i will be babysitting 10, 6-12 year olds for six weeks. good pay and no drug test so, YAY, i hope everyone who gets an interview gets a job. Us smokers deserve some payback for what the pigs do to us.


  3. buddy lemem try and save you a little bit of grief

    first this wont work if all of your friends are stoners

    if u have a non smoking friend kindly ask him if he could do u a favor which is fill up this bottel... yup hey its clean aint it.... anyways now u gotta find a small glass bottel or metal flask of some sort.. just pocket friendly even tho it aint goen in your pocket... when u go to take the piss test theyr just going to ask u to empty your pockets and the nurse might feel u up a little :D but they wont watch u piss unless youve been convicted before..... but yup anyways just have the bottle of clean piss under your arm or something.. tapeing it there may be a good decision.... and make sure u got a lighter too... when your in the bathroom with the blue toilet watter and the taped up faucet handals :D just whip out the bottle and put the lighter to it for a while to get it nice and warm... give it a shake.. fill that little cup.. cap the bottel and get the fook outa there.....

    it may be gross but youll be worrie free on getting that job if a test is involved

    hells yeah buddy good for u.. i wish i could get a job like that... :D

    if u dont have any cleen friends or are going to be watched pissing then disreguard

    just tryen to lend a hand :D
  4. yeah most of my friends piss is dirty, (sigh) but i don't think they are going to drug test but its hard to say the guy already said i got the job so hopefully they won't, i am just concerned because they want to take finger prints, so i figure if they go that far who is saying they won't drug test, but the reason they said they finger print is because its on top of a really ritzy retirement home. I'll post back tomorrow on what happens thats when i going in for the prints................wish me luck!!
  5. *sigh

    I need a job... :(

  6. me too, preferably a blow.



  7. We must be in the same boat.. I could use one of those myself!

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