Ahhhhh Crap.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Justchill, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. Well
    I was trying to grow 4 seeds into hopefully 1-2 females in my closet at home with a 95W floro (8900 lumen) and 2x2x5ft of area.

    well, im out, cuz my parents found it(i think)... i'll be moving out soon, in which time I am definately trying again...

    its been 'found' for like 3 days now.. and they haven't mentioned it or looked worried..

    Im starting to doubt them finding it..
  2. What makes you so sure they found it?
  3. the problem is im not sure..

    I mean, some of the clothes were on my bead... I dont know what else could of done it. Its weird
    I am just trying one seed right now, and gonna try and grow it, if I get caught.. its only one plant right? :)

    QUESTION: are the bigger seeds better plants? or does it relate little..
  4. Size doesn't matter.

  5. You wish BPP *lol*
  6. my parents found out.. don't worry dude, if they know you smoke, they won't go ballistic forever. After the shocks wears off, they'll be cool
  7. haha, never had a girl tell me size doesn't matter after they have been with me a while :p

    anywayz, my dad smokes, so I know he wouldn't really care. my mom is easy going (semi-hippy parents are awesome), so she wouldn't either.

    Only problem is the family... getting caught and the consequences..

    I was thinking of asking my father if he would like to start one in the basement, because there is the PERFECT spot.... the owner said "somone" used to grow in here, all the ventilation is already done

    Anyways, I dont know how to go about finding out if he's interested without acually telling him...

    I thought some more stoned brains might be able to come up with an idea

  8. I threw you a easy pitch to see how far you would hit it. Knocked a homerune, didn't ya sweetie!
  9. How could I resist the big poppa?

  10. You are just like every other women in the world, can't resist my magical powers of bullshitting.

  11. Ohhh, so that's what that smell is ;)

  12. Yep green and skunky!

  13. you forgot tall and hunky *lol*

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