Ahhhhh CRAP....my ak47 seems to think it's a bloody banana tree

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Lindsay 420, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. That sux 6 weeks in to flower n dreaded nanas start showing up lol am plucking little buggers off before they mature but think she's on borrowed time now
    Got to pull it out every 2 days n go over top to bottom front to back found a couple 2 or 3 days ago n now found another half a dozen tonight just starting to poke out so tweezers out n pluck pluck pluck il keep plucking till it gets to point to many are trying to appear also don't really want to risk seeding rest of the girls either lol
  2. Pic's?

    Fem Auto (Amnesia Haze) Come on in and share your auto grow! This is my first

    Bag seed grow journal (Flowering)
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  3. Banannas.jpg
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  4. Litterally have not had a single straight fem normal seed from msnl yet now the 3rd strain all been male or hermie
    Only time had female is if I've bought feminist seed lol it's a joke
  5. Now been ak47 hash bomb and strawberry cough
  6. Ima getting worried now..growing 2 GDPs from MSNL (should have been 3, but 1 is NOT a GDP)
    6 weeks into flower. So far all seems normal..
    On the right side.the taller ones..

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  7. Looking grouse man ;)
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  8. Yeah pretty much lost faith in there seeds lol will try the aurora indica n if that fails I'm done with them
    Prety pissed though lol all I want is one female to clone n can't get one out of there shit yet I put one seed I got in a bid in n bam female lets clone shit out of it which is what I'm growing for rest of my crop lol and it's dank as shit to
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