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  1. Man... I just got some chicken selects from mcdonalds...

    One em, I swear, looks EXACTLY like a penis, balls and all...

    So I go to take a photo... and my camera out of nowhere on my phone doesn't work because my phone won't read my sim card for some reason and it cant store the photos :mad:


    Edit: I got the pics - scroll down!
  2. AHHH a deep fried breaded chicken wang!!!
  3. Well logic says you must freeze this chicken select for later photos. You can't make a thread like this and then not deliver. :smoke:
  4. I saved it... I hope my friends dont eat it when they get back... ill have to warn them lol. But Im sure theyll run to me laughing saying "Dude... THIS LOOKS LIKE A PENIS!" :D

    I just gotta get my damn camera phone to work... now my backrounds white. I don't know whats wrong. :(
  5. LMAO I love this forum

    thats fucked up pics or ban!!
  6. help me fix the phone.
    omg... i forgot about the chicken, i was gone! I gotta see if its still there! :eek:

    edit: its safe, but im REALLY hungry so im trying to fix my phone asap... omg horrible munchiez from a blunt of dro... but now i start my t break.

    The other selects didnt make it, unfortunately :(
  7. Alright, just as I promised.



    yep... its a sagger
  8. :smoke:, this makes my night so much better :D
  9. Thats truly one of the coolest things I have seen.
  10. hahaha now aint that a bith:smoke:
  11. Have something on your mind? ;)
  12. Yes, I'm really hungry and I was thinkin about how tasty that chicken was :D

    Sorry for bumping this, but I felt I had to. I just remembered this epic... thing, and I just don't think enough people have experienced it yet.

    You haven't lived until you've seen a chicken shaped like a penis.
  13. Lol Seriously a good morning laugh.

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