AHHHH!! help plz

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  1. im faceing some kind of slime/sludge w.e that stuff is thats killing my root system, tryed h2o2 3% bottle, stuff worked the first time but didnt work the second, went to the hydro store, the guy told me h2o2 dosen't really work with foxfarms and sold me a bottle of hygrozyme, so i come back home add it to the res, and search this product up and most people are saying this stuff dosent really work with dwc, is that true? or.. anyone tryed this stuff before with dwc?
  2. Major root rot.

    Get the temp of your soup below 68 (63 is what I run) deg. F.

    Flush the plant/root system with water to get rid of everything and purge the system.

    Mix a new batch of soup up.

    If you can't afford a chiller, use frozen water bottles in a moat around your bucket.
  3. trust me bro i run a water a bottle in it ever 2 hrs , that cant be the reason, i had a a root burn issue before that rot that must be the reason so i went and bought cal mag and that got fixed then then this rot came

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