Ahhhh ha, I knew there was something about that secret herb!

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  1. One herb too many at Mill Valley KFC

    Jim Herron Zamora, Chronicle Staff Writer Sunday, September 22, 2002


    An employee at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Mill Valley was arrested for allegedly selling a substance not included in Col. Sanders' 11 secret herbs and spices.

    After a customer complained of receiving two bags of marijuana instead of extra biscuits, Marin County sheriff's deputies set up a sting that led to the arrest of a KFC employee on Friday.

    Carlos Leonel Ayala, 26, of Vallejo was arrested on his way to work Friday at the KFC at 515 Miller Ave., according to the Marin County Sheriff's Department. He had a loaded handgun, a small amount of marijuana and $500 in cash in his possession, deputies said.

    Authorities also searched Ayala's home in Vallejo and the fast-food restaurant but would not reveal whether they found anything illegal. Employees at the Miller Avenue KFC declined comment Saturday.

    At the KFC outlet where he worked, drive-up customers would order food by talking into a intercom. Then an employee, often Ayala, would take the order to the customer's car and receive payment.

    "We believe that he was selling marijuana to customers who used the right slang term" as code, said Sheriff's Sgt. Tim Lepinski of the Marin County Major Crimes Task Force.

    The investigation was prompted after an unwitting customer asked for extra biscuits with an order of fried chicken and was handed two baggies of marijuana instead, the sergeant said. The outraged customer, whose name was not released, returned the drugs to the employee, renewed his demand for extra biscuits and called Mill Valley police, who referred the case to the task force.

    Undercover law enforcement personnel were able to obtain marijuana repeatedly from Ayala, making most of their buys during school hours. The restaurant is near Tamalpais High School and draws many students at lunchtime or after school.


    So the Kernels secret herb is finally out ! lol

    What a fool handing back the weed!

  2. hehe, I saw something about that at MJ.com the other day. I thought the funniest part was that the guy went back and demanded his bisquits, despite being scandalized by the evil marah-huwana.
  3. lol yeah, I bet he was fat :p

    ayiio man i cant seem to get into www.mj.com it just keeps saying access not allowed and something about Micheal Jackson? whats tha deal there man?
  4. heh, sorry, I was reffering to www.marijuana.com I just didn't wanna create a link and inadvertantly divert attention from grasscity.
  5. shit, they do that at the BK and KFC here... I mean.. NO THEY DONT
  6. Why the hell would you make "extra biscuits" your code phrase at KFC?
  7. i didnt even know KFC had biscuits, im only there for the chicken :p
  8. The biscuits are pretty good. Talk about convenience though, that would be great if my local Del Taco did that.
  9. if you get a job at any fast food place
    someone who works there will sell you pot
    who elts do you think thoes
    people hanndle working there?

    i would have to be high to deal with

    "thank you please drive thru"

    5000 times a day
  10. hey inopolize, if ya dont mide it seems ur sig pic is a little big, mide cuttin it downa pit
  11. Dude hasn't been here since September but I'll let SJ know to help out on the dl time for the pages.

    You're cool, MrSbb!!!

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