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Ahhhh!!! Aol Sucks!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Holy crap...I just got home from work (by the way, I HATE my job) only to find out my cable modem isn't working! NOOO!!! I called Comcast, and they can't send a technician out until Tuesday morning! So, I have to use crappy dial-up until Tuesday, unless my cable modem decides to quit being a bitch and start working again..and get this, I can't even turn it off! WTF?!

    And I don't know what AOL's problem is, but I can't log in to the City if I do it thru I have to open a seperate browser, but I didn't realize that for like half an hour....

    So for half an hour I was just sitting here screaming at my computer (I want to punch it in the face!) b/c I can't log in to the horrible is that?! I hate dial-up.
  2. Hey...what a waste of internet space, b/c my cable modem just started working out of nowhere....

    I called Comcast again, so everything is hunky-dory now :D
  3. lol, dial up does suck. Good thing your cable is working now tho.
  4. you guys should do what i do, steal (or "borrow" for a good cause as i like to think of it;)) all those AOL CD's you see at stores (ya know, the free ones) and send em to
  5. Good to see your cable is working again..

    AOL is the sucker of all the suckees!!!
  6. i am in the land of dial-up, thats the onlt option i have basically, unless i get satalite broadband,, couple o thousand for the connection and then 50-100 quid a month after... not for my budget anyway :(
  7. I hate dialup. One of the best things about being at college is this wonderful internet connection. When I go home I have to use CompuServe. CS is owned by AOL and I hate it more than AOL if that's possible. We used to have AOL and it sucked ass then dad decided to switch to CompuServe and it sucks more. I don't know what I'm going to do this summer when I have no broadband for over 3 months.

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