Ahhhh!!! Aol Sucks!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by TheHempress, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Holy crap...I just got home from work (by the way, I HATE my job) only to find out my cable modem isn't working! NOOO!!! I called Comcast, and they can't send a technician out until Tuesday morning! So, I have to use crappy dial-up until Tuesday, unless my cable modem decides to quit being a bitch and start working again..and get this, I can't even turn it off! WTF?!

    And I don't know what AOL's problem is, but I can't log in to the City if I do it thru AOL...so I have to open a seperate browser, but I didn't realize that for like half an hour....

    So for half an hour I was just sitting here screaming at my computer (I want to punch it in the face!) b/c I can't log in to the City....how horrible is that?! I hate dial-up.
  2. Hey...what a waste of internet space, b/c my cable modem just started working out of nowhere....

    I called Comcast again, so everything is hunky-dory now :D
  3. lol, dial up does suck. Good thing your cable is working now tho.
  4. you guys should do what i do, steal (or "borrow" for a good cause as i like to think of it;)) all those AOL CD's you see at stores (ya know, the free ones) and send em to www.nomoreaolcds.com:)
  5. Good to see your cable is working again..

    AOL is the sucker of all the suckees!!!
  6. i am in the land of dial-up, thats the onlt option i have basically, unless i get satalite broadband,, couple o thousand for the connection and then 50-100 quid a month after... not for my budget anyway :(
  7. I hate dialup. One of the best things about being at college is this wonderful internet connection. When I go home I have to use CompuServe. CS is owned by AOL and I hate it more than AOL if that's possible. We used to have AOL and it sucked ass then dad decided to switch to CompuServe and it sucks more. I don't know what I'm going to do this summer when I have no broadband for over 3 months.

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