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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jakkkeiscool, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Well, I just wanted to introduce myself I guess to this site, I'm a long time lurker and decided to join about two months ago, and now I'm going to actually try to be an active member. I'm here sitting down after my wisdom teeth extractions yesterday, it sucked ass, and all I want to do right now it toke up a bowl. But I can't because of dry sockets.
    Anyone have any ideas to make time pass by faster?
    How long did it take any of you guys to start smoking after wisdom teeth removal?
    This just sucks :/
  2. welcome to the city jake :wave:
    that sucks ass about ur wisdom teeth, i haven't had mine pulled. So i can't give you any advice there lol. Hope you can blaze soon though! Im sure it will help :smoke:
  3. i was told that after 24 hours you would be good too smoke :smoke:

  4. Did you end up smoking after?
  5. I smoked on day 4. Before that I just made firecrackers. The peanut butter kinda sucks because of the holes in your mouth, but you'll survive.

    Just remember not to suck too hard if you choose to smoke, because you can suck out the blood clots that formed, and dry socket is a bitch.
  6. Smoked the day after, and I had all four removed with one coming in sideways. And I was doing gbs. Worst part was stretching my mouth enough to get it around the top of the bottle (gallon Hawaiian punch).
  7. I smoked the day after. I was totally fucked up on percocet too.

    Just be gentle when you pull and play it smart.

    I had really deep wisdom teeth too, i think the term is compacted actually. Mine were a mother fucker pain wise.

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