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Ahhh the folks are coming!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Cali_Toker, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. i just talked to my mom today and she wants to come out to see my pad (shes never seen it yet). Time to take down all the bud posters and toss out all the empty beer bottles layin around. God this sucks, im all grown up and on my own and i still fear my parents worse than anything else in life.
  2. i just think its more a respect issue than anything else.....:)
  3. lol i feel ya man i had to do the same stuff when i lived about 200 m away when i 1st moved out then i moved all the way out to OR. from NY. thay have yet to drop in
  4. haha! i'm 26 and i still fear my parents enough to even hide copies of drug-related DVD's from them - even though my dad's seen some of them and liked them.

    my rentals are coming up on friday, one night 2 days though. how much damage can be done? good luck with your parents!
  5. ^^^ It must be sweet to live in Humboldt? How do you like it there?
  6. yeah humboldt is a dope place, dunno if i would wanna live there though. Little too sucluded for me... Just got a shipment from humboldt bout a month ago, proally the best batch ive gotten all year. Whatever yall are doin to the weed up there keep up the good work :)

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