ahhh the cold weather

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  1. Its starting to be winter and im loving it its the time where im chilling with my homies smoking and chilling
    every year the winter brings back so much memories just being outside in the cold sitting around a fire smoking a gar with some the best people i know 

  2. It's just now getting cold where I am in Florida, and I've missed it! It was pretty surprising though, one day it was 75 and the next it was 50. 
  3. Man, first starting to smoke, we weren't allowed inside to smoke, so we chill in the garage. Temps hitting 20 degrees and clolder, but didn't stop us. 6 friends all chilling in te cold garage getting high and playing mario smash brothers, those were the days.

    Glad its getting cold, can listen to everyone bitch about how cold it is and how it sucks they didn't throw on an extra layer lol.

    Plus its hoodie weather, throw that hoodie on and give it to a chick who's shivering like the dickens.

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  4. gonna start snowin soon! woo
  5. It's 30 degrees and it's been flurrying all day, here in Vermont. I'm not ready for it at all, as it just makes my life so much harder what with doing wood, and plowing. Seems like it was summer just yesterday...Bummer.
  6. Cold fresh air feels so good after a thick hit from the bong. Also can't wait to start smoking blunts on the outdoor rink.
  7. Fall and Winter are awesome, I love the chill. It went from 45-55 everyday now the past 2 weeks it has been 20-30 everyday. Colder at nights. Feels great, a very nostalgic season fall is.
  8. it was 36 this morning...will be 30 friday or saturday night, high of 52....i'm diggin it!
  9. my landlord wont turn the heat on until nov 1... what a cocksucker.
  10. That's illegal.
  11. Man fuck cold weather. Probably because I was born in the summer.
  12. landlord = momma?

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    im a grown ass man, jabroni... dont you ever disrespect me again... stick your 243 posts up your ass, gtfo, and learn some respect before you come at me again.
  14. damn twas a joke my good sir....I used "momma" for a reason (sarcasm)

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  15. in that case, apology accepted.
  16. Lol everyones freezing their balls off and i'm just sitting here in a t shirt and some shorts in 80-85 degree weather.
  17. oh then u definitely are not in south fl
  18. u definitely are in south FL, & I'm here as well, jealous of those in the cold weather. ya been here way too many summers.
  19. The cold is setting in here. We're in the 50's but will drop to 40's next week. It's fucking beautiful and i love it. Autumn is my hands down fav season. So much partying and amazing scenery with the leaves changing. I wear shorts n a t shirt all year :laughing: It feels so good to come in from the cold and bundle up and get all warm n fuzzy preferably with some liquor. Good times man.
    Nah man, i hail from arizona! But i know what you mean tho. I love the snow and snowboarding.

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