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ahhh!!! plz read

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GrEeN lEaF cUz, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. i just smoked 3 days ago and i have a doc appiotment for a physical becouse i need to sign up for football! does anyone know if they drug test you or they just cheack ur PH level sin ur piss! cuz if they drug test ill use a detox kit and if anyone has an info on detox kits plz tell me
  2. If they tell you that you will not recieve a drug annalysis test...then you have nothing to worry about, you would know if you were getting drug tested
  3. As far as i know they just wanna check your heart rate etc. grab your balls turn your head and cough. They should tell you if your taking a UA because somebody has to pay for that test and they dont want a bunch of ppl that know they will fail taking the test anyways and waisting money,PERHAPS

    I wouldnt worry about it if you hear UA or drugtest, then you can get a detox otherwise i wouldnt waste the cash on it.
  4. ive never gotten a drug test for school activitys
  5. no because if you were taking a drug test.. the little physical card would say.

    Which is doesn't so no worries
  6. ahhh thankz guys i just blazed a couple of bowls i feel better now!
  7. unless ur school requires it they dont
  8. at my school when i went way back 3 years ago they asked me for a drug test all the time but i said fuck off and they never did anything i never got expelled or in trouble its a free country they cant make you do anything :p
  9. Thats unfair, in my school if you refuse a test they still make you go to the drug classes, fuck them, and their crappy schholl..

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