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  1. wit 8 grams of H.


    TOnights gonn be a nice one. :D

    Small doses though.

    dont worry.

    jsut in case,

    bye :)

    Oh and chinese food on new years is a 35 year olkd tradation for some people who arent even chinese!!!!! FOund that out today.
  2. Damn *****, dont even play like that. Have fun, but stay safe mayne.
  3. have fun man
  4. man i'm sitting here dry.... and i will be for a while. damn.
  5. been there done that, 8 grams of girl is asking for an OD, good luck to you tho
  6. what's a norma dose? how does heroin use in mass compare to coke?

  7. Oh nooooo man. Im talkin bout a deliery. hell nah this aint a 1 day thing. Hahaha

    Well this shits tar, and aparently not good to IV :( so Im smoking it in my lightbulb vape.

    and lemme tell you, heroin tastes GROSS smoked. like viniger, smells the same, its nasty haha.

    and I tossed in a matchhead size piece to smoke, and then some, but i have tolerance for most opiates. :D

    n Ill be safe friends.

    Todays my lil homies birthday, he would be 17 today :(

    It's been the roughest day Ive been through in a while....

  8. can't you mix it with weed?
  9. don't almost die agian..
  10. I wanna chase a dragon sometime, sounds like a nice night.
  11. you can chase it, but youll never catch it :p

    Happy New year everyone, I am alive :), Didn't even almost die. Jus gotta know your limits I guess, huH?

  12. damn dude i thought you would be for sure thizzin last night. enjoy the heroin (despite my thoughts on it) and just continue to stay safe bro.

    im so cashed from last night, i was mad burned out until i smoked a bowl about ten minutes ago, now im good. rolled from about 8 til 4am and passed out around 4.30. not tired at all, but i know the fact i woke up at 8 and then 10.30 will probably mean ill pass out super early tonight.

    fuckin great new years,smoked a joint of blueberry, orange, lemon juice, strawberry cough and grape ape. it was fucking un real. i cant wait for the photos to get posted so i can link them here. hilarity.
  13. Haha, ALL the cops were out last night busting partys around here. So My homie decided that his New Years party is going to be on Saturday. Thas when I'm gonn be thizzin next. Tryin to cut down on the ammounts of that shit IO put in my system.

    And the heroin, idk how anyone could get hooked on it, not chasing it. That vaper from heroin tastes so disgusting, that I wouldnt be able to do it all the time. Now, if it was some China White and I could mainline it, I know 'd be hooked haha. But this shits tar, so I dont wanna IV that shit.

    It tastes like a nasty viniger and old ketchup. I think I'm going to do a gram today, then see if my homie wants this shit back. I love the high, but the taste is gross as fuck. Simply put. haha
  14. yea, i cant imagine that tar tastes too good. when i smoked opium, i had a half o of it, but i really didnt enjoy the taste of it, i just find painkillers much better in general lol.

    i think im gonna have to wait a few weeks before i thizz again, last night was pretty good, but i definitely need to get some tolerance back.
  15. Yeah man, if I cant mainline my H, then jus gimme some Oxy. Way easier to do. haha and i'd rather taste oxy chewed up in my mouth, than freebase heroin haha
  16. dude.... i'm fuckin jealous haha i've been awake for like 20 minutes n i already want to get high, lucky for me i'm broke, but not lucky for me my neighbors get their money today n they usually have me go get a brick for em n i'll have the option of money or dope, and sadly with my lack of self control i'll probably pick dope
  17. I know how that is homie. The dope calls out your name.

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