Ahhh!!!! Moles!

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  1. So i have a mole problem.

    Usually theyve been avoiding my plant, (which is in the ground a few inches away from a pillar on my back porch) just going right around the front of it, leaving an inch high mountain ridge through its whole path...

    oh my god today!

    the mother fucker had the balls to dig DIRECTLY under my plant, wasnt even traveling through, just decided he wanted to go underground and dig my plant up. leaving a 3x3 inch hole just a few inches away from my plant, going at a 45 degree angle towards my plant.

    anyways, no roots were exposed, she was still standing, but at an akward angle, with a giant tunnel under her.

    i pushed her back down into the soil and patted it all back down.

    my question is...
    Are moles after my plant or are they just passing by?
    & are they eating my woots?!(roots)

    oh come on GC :(

  2. Mole's are carnivores so they aren't "after" your plant but they will definitely not have a problem digging right through the center of them destroying your root structure. I had a few mole problem's early on in the season and so I purchased some mole bomb's which smoke out the mole holes, haven't seen them since. However in my case they dug a hole from about an inch below the surface of my plant down into a canyon so as I watered the water would just go straight down the hole into the canyon; it made watering and feeding a bitch so eventually I had to pack the hole with dirt to dam it up. Fucking moles.
  3. damn, some mole bombs...epic..

    gonna have to look into this, i havent seen any visible damage yet, and the first time they did it was about a week and a half ago, so it would be visible (the damage) by now if there was gonna be any, right?
  4. The damage is not always visible because they eat the roots, the only way it would become visible is if the plant were knocked over by them pulling on the roots OR if they ate enough of the roots to affect the growth and cause some of the plant to dry out. If it happened a week and a half ago and there's still no signs I wouldn't worry about it but if they start showing up again I would bomb 'em.
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    GAH! dont have time for epic mole bombs right now, or the money.
    my cat got 1 mole a few days ago :D

    but 1 went at it this morning, and now when i come back home!

    is there anything moles dont like that wont kill the plant or make it taste like shit?

    or do i really have to go on patrol with a steak knife?

    that makes my mouth water
  6. Best title ever man!
  7. Stick some garlic cloves in the holes....cheap, easy and organic.

    Are you sure it is a mole and not a pocket gopher? Pocket gophers are really bad this year in my area. Gophers will eat plant roots and they really like to eat my tomatoes. They ofter borrow very shallow and leave the slightly raised soil you described. I have used gopher gasser before and it seemed to work temporarily. I don't think I would use the gasser right next to your MJ. There is a strong sulfur gas that is discharged which may have negative effects if used next to the roots.
  8. just put garlic in the hold and sprinkle garlic on thetop soil..... i plant garlic around my inground MJ plants..... helps with all pests....

  9. Pretty sure its moles its in my case, judging by your user name maybe your from california??

    Im on the exact opposite side in Fl. lol.

    but yeah im pretty sure its moles because i have 2 cats and 1 is a beast and likes to hunt little animals, and ive come across a few moles. now that i think about it....wtf does a gopher look like?

    i know what a mole looks like because it has those crazy front claws for digging and no eyes...creepy.
    although possibly a gopher if theyre in my area.

  10. thank you!
    thank you!

    me- id like to thank my fans an...
    kanye weast- ey man, beyonce got the best thread title this year!
    me- (or rather birds chirping and crickets cricketing)
  11. [​IMG]

    theres the little beauty...
    i know, its not right, but it smells dank, and soo sticky...its as tall as a BlackJack II (the cell phone)
    kinda dense.

    so garlic will for sure stop the moles?
    and im not gonna taste garlic in my harvest am i?

  12. Think caddy shack.
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    hahaha, ive never seen it, my friend actually was just talking about the bombs they use because i told him about my mole problem and the mole bombs. but a gopher looks kinda like a groundhog, right? oh wow...as if i dont have INTERNET...

    hehe, no gophers are cute.
    im dealin with the devil over here.

    for sure a mole
    thats what im dealin with.
  14. [Thunderfury, blessed blade of the windseeker]

  15. yo GC.

    STILL havent gotten my hands on any garlic and theyre STILL goin at it. :(

    The moles havent dug it up again yet but just gone around the front of it, i'd say 5-6 inches away from the base of the stem.
    But i think i should be okay on root damage because its a really small plant so roots shouldnt be too big.

    And as for "pinching" the plant.

    That's how i've been testing the sticky-ness and smell of my bud because its so small my hair drags all in the dirt when i try and smell it or look up close at it, just way too small for all that, not to mention id be laying down in my grass...

    so is this bad? is it taking the trichomes off and thats what is making my fingers stick together?
    please let me know so i dont do further damage.

    when is first frost in Flo-rida
  16. ive had moles next to my plants this year... about 5 inch close to the stem... but what you have to figure is that the moles arents really after your plant.... your plant would be dead if you had frequent visits by the mole

    no just try not to grope you ladies, just let them do there natural thing... i suggest getting a pocket microscope for view your trichomes.... but yes the resin/sap, trichomes is what is makign your hands stick together....just stop[ touching them sooo much... how would you feel if someone touched yhour everyday to test how you were..... lol...

    first frost in florda last year was january 22... so my guess this year... jan 15th

  17. what is the best and cheapest kind to get?
    also, would a magnifying glass work?? o_O

    haha, i would feel alright, depending on who it is. lol
    but yeah i get it.

    so no worries about frost damage?

  18. you need something that atleast magnifys 30x

    i have this

    Illuminated Microscope - RadioShack.com

    it depends on when youre goign to harvest... if you experience a frost before then.... cover your plant overnight...with cloth or something else... also it would help if you put a good thick layer of peat moss by the bass and around your plant, so that the roots can retain some heat..
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    nice ill have to get one of those, i got a little bit of peat moss covering the top soil, its only like a square foot area.

    ill probably be harvesting mid/late november by the way
  20. garlic didnt do anything, unless i did it wrong.

    any certain way youre supposed to do it?

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