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ahhh help me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kottonmouth7, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. I got some real nice *green* but i dont got ne thing to smoke out of i just ordered a bong but it wont be here for 2 weeks i need to smoke but i got no papers no bowls or anything anyone know a solution for me please?
  2. dent the side of a pop can... then take a pin or something small and poke some holes in it... there ya go!! light and inhale
  3. take an apple, then carve out a small hole in the top where the stem is. Then take a knife or something and poke a hole into the side until it goes into the other hole. There. Now you have a pipe.
  4. i've had the best experience with the apple pipe. good hits and a nutritious, delicious snack.
  5. yeah apple pipes are cool, i've done that when i was hunting and left the bowl in the truck.
  6. There are only 3 things on the planet that cannot be turned into a bong and I have no clue what they are. Become the bong master, the herb is with you!!!
  7. i know them!

    chalk dust, a slice of bread, and kleenex dipped in gasoline.

    but really, in a pinch, best way to blaze your weed up would HAVE to be.... Hot Knives!!!!

    Youll get totally ripped, and you need nothing more than a stove and some blades.
  8. I made a pipe out of a slice of bread once. With gasoline soaked kleenex as the bowl. :D

  9. did you get a good buzz?
  10. A gas station near my old high school used to sell corncob pipes, those worked pretty well for when no one had their pipe.

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