AHHH HELP! He wont let me grow

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  1. alright so here is the story..me and my friend decide to go into this with each other and split everything equal and have a good time learning about all this. but he ended up bailing and not doing anything. we both have our cards so its completely legal, and I only have 5 plants. this was my first grow, and with that i was excited to go into my second grow right after....but looks like this wont be happening for a while...my friend who has his card, who i am supposed to be moving in with wont let me grow at our place.

    what should i do take a break from growing or not move in with the guy and waste more money on rent every month.

    help!!! please!!

    also...if i took a clone of a plant, and planted it outside would nature take its course and bring me bud?
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    ditch your boy and get a new legit friend...

    the title thread makes u sound like a chick or your gay...

    and seeing on how your a guy...:rolleyes:

  3. hahah thats what i want to do...but no one knows i grow. and obviously i dont anyone else who grows besides a few ppl and they all dont live here.
  4. What's he so afraid of if he has his card?
  5. dea..
  6. Simple don't move with him. You can always find another friend if its a significant other well probably wont last forever and there are over 6 billion humans on the planet earth. You will get over it.

  7. LMFAO :laughing:

  8. not sure ive asked him if hes scared of getting caught, but the dea wont care about a small grow like this lol. 5 plants? come on.

    he just said " he doesnt want to live with them" no other reason like im scared of getting caught, or i dont liked weed, or at least something resonable.

  9. hah thanks man you would point that out haha. no im not gay so dont even try to make it sound like i am. i just had no idea what to put for the title

  10. haha no hes not my significant other lol. fuck that. but ya i guess finding someone else would be a good idea.

    my other idea was to just do a micro grow and not tell him.

  11. That would inevitably lead to some sort of conflict and say he got got mad and trashed it while your gone. Then you really would not be friends.

  12. Hey Im in my 20s and thats how it is..lol. Lowest marriage rates in history, lowest birth rate just about in history. We like variety and lots of it :). Love is no different then eating some chocolate or smoking some good green.

  13. well i would hide it in my room, and he wouldnt be allowed in there. lock on the door. duh

    otherwise i wouldnt have put in the effort to add a smiley..
  15. So you said he's registered as well does he not smoke or use in any form?? This makes absolutely no sense if he is a user as well does he not want free meds? Or did your last grow not turn out so good? Or maybe he's just not open minded (square).

    Whatever it may be if he's not willing to let you do WHATEVER YOU WANT in your personal private space (you said you will have a bedroom right) then don't move in.
    Unless you really are willing to give it up for awhile and it sounds like your not or you wouldn't be asking this question
  16. Are we offering relationship advice 'round here now too? LOL
    How do I get my wife to... oh, nevermind.


  17. hah i know man no worries ha

  18. he smokes it, goes to the club to pick it up, i guess he doesnt want free meds. naw dude my grow is going good, idk who wouldnt want some of it. haha hes a jew..that might explain it all
  19. Idk then BRO I definitely wouldn't give it up if you feel anything like I do about growing meds. I'm on my first grow and I'm addicted I really enjoy the feeling I get when I look at my girls and see there growing up big and strong and It's because I take care of them no one else there life depends on me.

    Let me know what happens BRO and GOOD LUCK
  20. Just shut up and do as you are told Nancy

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