ahhh fuck work

Discussion in 'General' started by Spark It29, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I have to be at work at 4:00, all the way until midnight.

    Then tomorrow, I have work from 12 to 10.

    Fuck this. Working 18 out of the next 30 hours.

    I honestly shouldn't complain though. The guys that do go-karts at my work always get scheduled from open to close. I just chose to take a guy's shift for tomorrow.
  2. shit man, some people aint eatin. I believe in you :smoking:
  3. Do you not have a woman to come home to? Otherwise yeah working beats you down pretty fast.

  4. Or some good weed? I always look forward to that after a long ass day at work.

  5. I do not :( I actually haven't bought weed in about a week.
  6. You work at a go-cart place? I'm sure it can't be that bad. And well, more hours equals bigger paychecks.

  7. Yes my mommy...:)
  8. Now what about a woman?
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    The fuck? That's not that many hours! :p I work 3-11 6 days a week, and next week I'll be working three 12-hours-days.

    Try doing 60 hours in 5 days... plus 2 hours driving time per day (I live 40 miles from my job) and going to school part time. And really, even that isn't THAT much overtime compared to what many other people do, especially in construction or jobs that require "sing shifts."

    Edit: yea dude, pick up some green. That's how I make it through my long weeks--nothing like coming home at midnight and loading up the vape. :)

  10. Its like a chucke cheese, but much bigger. An outside park and a few rides inside. I have to do rides today. Normally I work the "Gamer Lounge" which just lets kids play xbox or wii, while I watch tv or do the same.

    But fuck rides. Saturday is the worst day of the week there and the lines never end!!!!

  11. I can't work 60 hours, they don't let us go over 40 lol. But Yeah I got you man. I realize people work a lot more than me, but I'm only part time. And its the weekend too :(

  12. My mom if that counts.
  13. Sounds like a dream job. Just think about how many people want to work in the Gamer Lounge, the Go-Kart guys are probably loathing you for sitting in AC with video games. Rides can't be that bad. I've worked at theme parks, it's usually all safety shit, dealing with a some annoying people and maybe pushing a button to start shit.
  14. I'll probably be stuck working 7 days a week soon, so don't worry man--we all have it rough. Just take that extra green you're makin, and put it towards some extra green. :smoke:
  15. I feel you bro, I gotta work 5-7 sometimes it sucks, but I need money to buy my weed lol
  16. "Life sucks then you die.." -My 8th grade teacher. :|

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