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Ahhh finally!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by johnathonwoco1, May 28, 2009.

  1. So today I took my pre employment drug screen for this balling job over the summer. I have not smoked in 31 days to prepare for the drug screen and today my break from MJ is finally over....As soon as i finish eating Im headed to my buddys house who has a bowl packed with fresh headies waiting for me! The cool thing about going on a break is that all your friends want to smoke you up when you get done its amazing I got like 4 calls today with people asking me to smoke with them lol! I just wanted express my excitement to all my Fellow GC'ers! Happy Toking! :hello:
  2. Good shit dude it'll be like your first time getting high again haha.
  3. fuck smoke with all four of them. Just have them smoke u out all night.:smoking:
  4. So, last night was my first time smoking in 31 days and I smoked 2 flow hits of some great headies and i was done for for like 5 hours. I always talked shit about people who get ridiculous when they are high but I was that guy last night. My tolerance was definatley at a 0 because I was so stoned that I was definatley subtly tripping and just zoned the fuck out! Great night though...I smoked some kind of weed called Master Kush lol...What a joke I hate the damn names

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