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Ahhh fellow blades, I rely on your eternal wisdom. Dealer pulling one...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theENFORCER, May 12, 2010.

  1. Long story short, person who may or may not sell me stuff that who Ive known for a bit, always hooked up good stuff, good price, this time around says its going to be extra because its good GOOD (im talknig some nasty nasty dank ladies and germs) and (I dont put SHIT into what a name is) its called "blue cheese" (strain, looks sweet, etc)

    bottom line, looks like the last stuff, great as always but not worth the extra charge. big markup. what should I say to this motherfucker.

    claims its not blue because its a few months old. To my knowledge cured, dried bud cannot change colors because its a few months older...please tell me Im mistaken before I get in my car :smoking:
  2. tell em straight up it looks bout same as always and u want it regular price or ur not interested
  3. get it right now. make him weigh it
  4. How much more is he charging?
  5. Bro, you're the consumer.. Only buy and pay for what you feel comfortable with.

    Or you can ask him to smoke you some before you buy, if he's got a problem with that he's either bullshittin you or cheap.
  6. Ok, he's always been good, hooked you up with good and good prices. So one time he says hes get some good shit and charges a bit high. Quit being a bitch and try it out. Don't want to get it don't get it. Whiny whiny.
  7. No no no, I have already PAID for it, and have now tried it and it's good as usual but not blue because he said "its a few months old" (bullshit???)

    I got 1.5 ounces for what I pay for 2. and it's the same quality. And since it's such a high markup cant float friends as easy
  8. anything on bud changing color after dried? I want to be sure before I call him out :hello:

    (sounds stupid and I've never heard of it, but might as well know what Im talking about before I demand my money back)
  9. Blue Cheese doesn't have to be blue. Its not out of the ordinary for prices to be marked up for name strains when they come around, even though the quality difference between named and no name strains is usually unnoticable.
  10. Blue cheese is a real strain, I smoked some I got from Ohio, definately some dank good shit. You also may have quite a high tolerance cause everything i smoke now seems to do the same shit.
  11. If he's the dealer, you're getting screw'd. If he's just the guy who is picking it up from a dealer, you didn't get screw'd. For all I know this guy spent 5 bucks in gas and risked getting busted to fullfill your order.
  12. I was told specifically it would be, and when my guy is giving me the usual and then jacks for no reason I wouldnt call that common. Especially since hes a pretty honest guy and has been. But I just want to know is it at ALL possible for dried bud to change colors like he claims?? In the infinite GC wisdom someone has to know. :smoking:
  13. I mean, brick weed didn't come off the plant brown...but anything you're payin ~ a dub a gram for should not lose a blue color it had in the buds by the time it gets to you. Maybe your guy thought it would be blue because of the name before he got it, maybe its not real blue cheese. But it could very well be blue cheese without having any hint of blue in it. It doesn't make logical sense to charge more for it either way, but thats just the way the black market weed economy works.
  14. I was thinking this, I smoke erry day from my bizong and I got a good high off it but nothing noteworthy. Ive been much higher off less.

    this is what was promised


    and this is some of what I got, forgive shitty cell phone pictures I just snapped



    he's my guy picking up from another, and I think he hiked the middle price this time and it wasnt "blue" like he said.

  15. This is what Im thinking, it smells heavenly, but no note of blue makes me think he hyped it and overcharged. Since it doesnt remotely resemble what he said it would but he charged extra, I smell bullshit. Even if he thought he was getting it, he shouldve made good when he found it wasnt as described. I couldnt check it, the handoff was semi-public, and he hadnt screwed me before, plus I know where he lives.
  16. the blue, is because its blueberry x cheese (big buddha cheese real name) color has no effect hahaha ive seen purple blue cheese... was still blue cheese
  17. I've had blue cheese plenty of times before. That does NOT mean it's going to be blue! Just like some purp strains just never turn purple. It could be a different pheno. Who Knows, but just because it is not blue, does not mean it isn't blue cheese.

    I am sorry to tell you though, the bluecheese I had looked about 20X better than those pictures that you just put up. Even with the camera phone I can tell.....
  18. You have every right to examine your weed BEFORE you buy it. That way you dont have to take it home where your doin the scratch and sniff wonderin if its chameleon enough to change blue.
  19. i have had real blue cheese bud its was the most lime/neon green i have seen with crystals for days very smooth sweet taste 1 hit i was good 2 i was gone hands "hands down dopest dope ive ever smoked":smoking:
  20. you guys Im not talking about if it was blue cheese or should it be blue, Im saying WAS IT EVER BLUE? I DONT THINK ITS POSSIBLE to change colors after being dried. hence, fool is lyin.

    I agree, I made sure before, this setting didnt initially allow me to

    fuckin LINGERER MAN :smoking:

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