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  1. ive been buying grass from the same kid for like a year now....usually on and off but enough...i knew him through some friends who played sports with him and hes a really cool cat, just a regular dude...anyway, usually i will text him and makes some convo then ask for a pick up...he will write me back a few times then when i ask, he stops writing....i dont get it...why? then i will call him the next day even tho it feel awkward and sometimes he wont answer and his mailbox is full so no message...then ill wait another day or two b4 i text him again...its like pulling fuggin teeth...he IS a dealer and i dont get what this is about...he has great stuff and great prices and is my only "solid" connect that I can get a 1/4 from....

    any ideas? i want to shoot him a text again later today but i feel like im being annoying, altho wtf...hes a dealer why isnt he getting back to me? im sure hes got a ton of shit on his plate but i donno..it wierd...eventually he picks up his phone and acts like theres no big deal and hes like...yeah man no problem, when can u meet? so it really doesnt add up..

    ugg i hate htis game...i cant wait till i can grow my own

    anyone on here that would somehow know the business (wink) could give me some insight as to if this is a normal thing lol
  2. Dont talk about green over the phone, or txts..

    just ask to 'meet' him

    I think this will alieviate your problems
  3. i never say it like that, believe me haha im a paranoid guy sometimes lol...i usually say he lemme know if you can meet up today...or something along the lines...
  4. If he didn't get back to you by now, stop calling and texting him, he is either incapable or unwilling, find someone else. He is obviously not interested.
  5. That's the problem with a lot of dealers I've come into contact with. They're usually pretty reliable for a while, and then once they know you're gonna buy their shit, they become increasingly harder to get in touch with. One guy once told me that he'd call me back in an hour so we could meet up and I didn't hear from him again until about 4 days later. This guy actually does shit like that on a regular basis, so I rarely get bud from him anymore. He's also so fucked up on xanax and painkillers, that there have been times when I've gotten bud from him and he's called me later that day asking if I need anything cause he doesn't remember. The trick is to find a dealer who you're friends with otherwise. That way you have someone you smoke and chill with, and they can easily hook you up when you need shit. Its also good to have a hookup who doesn't do a lot of harder drugs all the time, or at least is responsible with them. They're usually more willing to get back to you as soon as possible.
  6. yea i am friends with this kid...not close friends tho but we have hung out a number of times and we go to school together too so we have similar things in common...ive asked him to chill a few times but he couldnt...when he does sell to me tho he doesnt seem like hes trying to brush me off at all...he hooks me up big time and is always chill saying we should hang out etc...

    also when i first bought from him, he always said, "anytime man" with a smile on his face...and a few times when we called him to come chill he asked if we neded anything, so its not like he didnt offer the invitation IMO
  7. The mind of a weed dealer.......... I dont think any of us can understand them fully. From the buyers point of view its "dude what the fuck, dont u want my money?", but what in the world is goin through the dealers mind when they completely ignore the customers?
    Honestly man Every dealer I've ever dealt with has been on some bullshit, I think its a requirement.
  8. lol you're so calm about this situation. Usually when a dealer doesn't pick up we blow up his cellphone about 10 times, then finally give up.
  9. lol really? i dont wanna be annoying...i jsut sent him a text and basically said listen man, i need some, can u be my main man or not...dont wanna bug u if you r not interested..

    hopefully he will get it the point
  10. great.....

    hes taking abreak...sid he would hook me up with someone...we will see
  11. Take a T break, save your $, buy an Oz.
  12. With this much information easily accessible to you, just buy some (3 or 4) fluorescent shop lights. The long tubes. Seriously. It works for getting small amounts. Avoid the dealer at all costs.
  13. Very true. I haven't bought weed in 11 months. I smoke as much as I want on a daily basis. A little light, water, soil, nutrients and TLC, and you are good to go.
  14. i live at home..cant do it...soon tho very soon and i will def do it
  15. I guess I can kind of understand it from the dealer's perspective, especially if they sell to a lot of people. Imagine trying to sit down and chill for a while, and having people constantly calling you wanting to meet up with them. I would probably need a break from that too, which is why I try not to bug them by calling over and over.
  16. from personal experience, usually the dealer just doesn't care enough to call you back, and if you keep bugging him he won't answer you, so pretty much the only thing you can do is find someone else

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