Ahhh College...

Discussion in 'General' started by Thai, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Noddeeen, tokin, and blazin it up in the dorm (Dank lemon kush). Art schools fucking amazing, the RAs even blaze it up with you sometimes. Lol theres so many threads on here about gay ass RAs that are up everyones ass, Wtfs the problem with them they gotta chill out and enjoy life. And since this threads completely irreleveant and pointless you should all enjoy a little classic/favorite of mine. :smoke: :cool:
  2. few years ago (PRE GC) I used to sell weed to my RA :D
  3. i hope any RA's i get arnt hard-asses.
    id smoke them up.

    maybe its an authority thing or something. bah.

    ill smoke to that. fuck lol.
  4. I have to use a vap in my dorm but freshmen year one of my RA's used to roll my joints

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