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Ahhh, college

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by InferiorWang, Aug 21, 2003.

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  1. Well, after not drinking last night and making it through my one class on the first day, I\'m drinking again tonight. I have to be in class at 9:40 tonight so I\'m doing the drinking early. I\'ve had 3 and a half out of my 6 and I\'m buzz alright. Like I\'ve said before, I\'m a little guy who don\'t need much. I guess I\'m going back to enjoy the fun in the next room. Later guys.

    p.s. keystone light tastes like alcohol water. ewwww, but it\'s what they got.
  2. keystone light = college beer of choice...

    cubes are are like 15$....poor college kids can\'t beat that...
  3. ahh...keystone...just barely half a notch above natty light.

    My college beer of choice would have to be Bud Light. Its cheap and versatile.

    Full-bodied enough to enjoy with a meal while still smooth enough to chug from a beer bong.

    Can\'t beat it.

  4. are you fucking sick?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    natty light...wtf are you/were you thinking....

    the ONLY natty that should ever be bought is natty ice.....

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm loving 5.9% for $5 a 12....

    but in all honesty... natty light is probably of the most disgusting beerws i\'ve ever had the privlage of tasting.......

    and i\'ve had lots of beers....
  5. Oh natty light sucks. For sho\'

    But the point was so does keystone. \"Alcohol water\" was a good description.

    Natty Ice? Yes, better than natty light. But still taste likes crap. But then I\'ve never really met an Ice brew that I liked.

    Oh really?...I\'ve see you\'ve quite obviously never had less than 6 bucks in your pocket an ended up with a 6er of Paps Blue Ribbon.

    LoL...We should have a \"Worlds Crappiest Beer Poll\"...
  6. whoa man...don\'t diss pap\'s....

    its some serious shit... goes down like anything and has a decent taste to it....

    if you want to try the worst beer of your life, go pick up some genicia cream ale ( gennie cream ale) or some beast blue ( milwake\'s best blue.... those would be the top two nasty ones for me i think...
  7. we had pabst the other night. that shit is nasty. I\'d rather have natty over keystone, but that\'s because keystone has more of an alcohol flavor. I\'d really rather have bud, but it costs us $12 for a case of keystone. We just spent $6 on a 12 of keystone. Hell, whatever gets me going. I\'m finishing my 5th right now. I spotted Paris one of mine cuz it only took her 2 to get kinda drunk. Girls with low tolerance rock. And she\'s a cool chick. Later y\'all.
  8. cant stand a lush.

  9. a lush on six beers..... haha

    you\' hate me then man........ check the truth or dare thread in the box......:D

  10. :eek: you are NOT in the \"lush\" catagory, believe me, and i think when i say \"lush\" you definetely know what im talking about!;)
  11. What about Busch. Thats some ghetto brew-ha.
  12. where do you freaks go to school to drink such piss :)? dont you guys drink the dank beer?
  13. University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Fuck yeah, y\'all. Go Vols! Football starts next weekend. I can\'t wait. We\'re getting some hard liquor for this weekend and we\'re gonna grill out since they have charcoal and lighter fluid sitting next to the grill by the dorm. I can\'t wait. I\'ve had 7 tonight since 7:30 and that\'s done me pretty well. I\'ll go to bed in the next half hour since I\'m going to be up at 8:30. That will get me seven and a half to eight hours of sleep before I have to go to class from 9:40 to 3:20 tomorrow with no breaks longer than 15 minutes to walk to the next class.

  14. hey man... when things are tight they\'re tight...... when ya gotta get bent anything will do.....

    tonight it\'s corona 22\'s ......

    i usually drink better beer, but when your poor your poor...


    When are you going to post threads about how much you\'re studying??? ;)
  16. I\'ve grown to like Keystone Light. Even when offered the \"luxurious\" beers like Bud Light, I go for the Keystone. Mmmmm, alcohol water. :p
  17. I\'ve only had one class so far, so the studying will come later. I have 4 today, and I would be sleeping right now before class, but my fucking room mate doesn\'t understand the concept of quietly getting ready so you don\'t keep the other person up. I\'m gonna throw something at him next time he does it and I have something in reach to throw. I fucking hate the be woken up. FUCK OFF! Ooops. Wrong thread. :)
  18. Shittiest beer: Falls City

    Best beer that is still pretty affordable: Rolling Rock or Amber Bock.

    I don\'t drink beer that often, so I try to drink decent stuff.

    Keg beer is the shit though, we floated three last weekend.
  19. I\'m returning for my sophomore year. I realized when I got home last year, that I did a lot more sitting around sober than needed to be done so I\'m taking care of things this year. School is my first priority, but when you have time to kill and someone who\'s willing to make a beer run, you have to take advantage of the situation. I think we\'re about to start buying liquor instead of beer so we don\'t run out of money so fast.

  20. they\'re black and tan is yummy too....

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