Discussion in 'General' started by TheStonerMan, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Just made some nice weed tea out of a couple of fat stems and im about to sit back, relax, and watch The Omen. Good Times! :yay:
  2. ha nice man

    love weed tea :)

    it has an awesome taste with a hint of herb .

  3. what are you using? Did you mix butter up with water? milk? how much did the stems weigh? did you grind them?

    sorry for so many questions, haha, i have over an ounce of stems and im finna make some tea pretty soon, just wanna know what works best.

    the last and only time ive tried it i mixed butter with water, then emptied a tea bag, filled up with stems and let chill. Tasted SO bomb! and i think i got stoned, cant remember too well:smoke::smoke::smoke:

  4. ha damn wish i could help ya out but i get my sister and brother in law to brew it up for me


    sure OP knows though
  5. im sure its one of them practice makes perfect typa things.. Keep fucking around with your measurements until its perfect to your preference.
  6. im saving up some stems to make weed tea. i almost have enough.

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