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ahh yes... some GOOD news for a change :)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. *yay*

    ::does happy dance::

    oh yeah, that's right... the original happy dance has returned! :D

    ok, on to the good news. the only college i bothered sending an application to sent me my acceptance letter the other day. i forgot to post mainly because i was all stressed out. but yeah... Cottons is goin to college in august.


    can't wait :D
  2. Congrats, Cottons!! I'm really proud of you, dude. Definitely have fun but still keep your eyes on the prize by not letting your grades slide. I have faith that you will keep it together, though.

    I'd dance but I'd fall down...ever had a shot of Toradol? Geez minelli, man, I'm fucked up. It's not a narcotic but it's used for severe pain. I don't feel shit. So, I'm having to imagine doing the dance for you. That should be good enough! :)
  3. You have 2000 posts, dude. Still can't dance!!!! I have a good imagination though and it seems to be working out for you.
  4. hell yeah. 1,213 more and i'll be caught up to you finally. LOL
  5. dem college days dem happy happy college days :D
  6. Hellll ya
    cant wait till college! most my friends are already in college, n god DAMN do we party!1!
    meet some ppl and party man!
  7. Yay for Cottons!!!
  8. well, there will be no partying for me. i'm gonna give it all up when i go to school. as many of you probably know i'm a Christian... just not living right at the moment. i plan to change that when i go to school (which is a Christian school btw).
  9. All that you can do is the very best for you. I know you're a Christian, dude, and that you feel as though you aren't living "right" at this time, but you aren't hurting anybody else and you're not really hurting yourself, so don't feel like you're living your life "wrong" because all that matters is what's in your heart. Your heart seems pretty cool to me. :)
  10. Congrats on the acceptance to the college of your choice!!! Let me say, cherish the days ahead of you!!!!! I had a blast in college and now ..........well, CONGRATS to you. This bowl is for you!!!!!!!!!
  11. well RMJL... by right i mean Biblically... and yes, the Bible says not to get wrecked. it says very clearly (i forget which book) "Be sober." it's something i want to do, so it's not like a major bummer. i feel a major burden for people's souls... the only way to show them that there's something different, is to live different. i can't act like the rest of the world, and try to show the gospel to others. i'll just get "well, you get wrecked... you're a hypocrite" it's weird. wish i could explain it better.

  12. that's so cool. what school did she go to?

    by the way, i like your new avatar :D
  13. Way to go! You learn a lot at college, ok? If you do decide to continue parting, have fun! If not, find new ways to have fun.
  14. congrats on your college acceptance! dont give up your grades for pot, and dont give up pot for your grades, remember to blance the 2 out! and have a partyin your ass off time!
  15. did you know theres a college in amsterdam thats called "the cannabis college" Im not kiddinn anbd the got the trippyist garden ever that would be nice but im just gouin to a liberal arts college but theres a lot of stoners,trippers, and kick ass people there too
  16. man you belive what ever you want to belive i dont care i just think when this riligus shit makes your life controled by some sec i know theres a bible verse about herb like "i give you all leaf bearing plants to use" or somethin ike that ill post it soon
  17. What the fuck is that Ascorbic? Somebody punch him in the jaw.

    I goto a christian school Cottons. It's definitely hard to do both. People are so close minded here. It's not just weed, they are close minded about almost everything. Good luck with your struggles ahead, and a premature congratulations on all your future accomplishments.

    *turns and punches Ascorbic in the face*
  18. religion is someones decision... just like bud it can enhance or harm your life. I went to a christian school for a year and I found out that a lot of the kids were close minded racists. I am not saying all christians are like that but it was really disheartening to me. I hope your experiance is beter tho. and congratz =D
  19. congrats man
  20. any1 who said congrats today, idk the date, hasnt realized that this post was started in 2003...i mean hell great he got in college woohoo, but 2 years later must we still be congradulating him?

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