Ahh wisdom teeth

Discussion in 'General' started by dmb1357, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Got my wisdom teeth taken out, a little hint to those who wait til your 19 to have them taken out, dont do it. All i can do is take pk's and smoke until i can feel no more pain, well least i got some good pain killers right guys!?.Glad i got a half ounce before the surgery, otherwise id be screwed!
  2. I got mine out when I was 19 or 20, all 4 plus a broken tooth.. had no problems. No pain afterwards unless I tried to eat anything hard or crumbly for the next 2-3 or so weeks until the spots healed up. They gave me vicodin (I think?) but I just took Motrin.

    I've heard some horror stories though, kind of weird. Guess some peoples bodies react differently than others.
  3. It's painfull for most to say the least..

    I never had much pain with mine...
  4. Fuck, I've been putting this off for a while. What the fuck evolution, why do we still get wisdom teeth? Where's the wisdom in all the pain associated with them???

    Oh yea, BTW isn't it bad to smoke while your mouth is healing??
  5. just be careful when u smoke. dont hit it too hard or u risk gettin dry sockets. take it easy

  6. There's actually some percentage of people on the planet who have no wisdom teeth. I learned it in my genetics class, but I forgot how many it really is.....

    It didn't hurt for me when I got two of mine taken out. I still have 2 left, so I hope they don't have to come out. I only got like, Motrin 800 er somethin, no vicodin for me :(
  7. Make a batch of spacecake in advance :D

    If anyone wants the name of a good surgeon in the Oaktown / San Fran area, I could look up the guy who took mine out. Wasn't terribly expensive on a Delta Dental plan, IIRC.
  8. They don't knock you out do they? I wish they would cause I don't want to sit there awake and watch them do it, plus I have a pretty bad gag reflex.
  9. im getting mine out in less than a month, and they said they inject you with diazepam and fentanyl, which is going to be the shit until i pass out.
  10. I had mine out about a year ago ... I really don't remember the surgery so I must have been out, it hurt a bit atleast for the first few days but nothing extreme. Plus I had plenty of T3s and Codene, so things were pretty nice.

    I would wait atleast a week before smoking after having them taken out. Especially if it hurts alot. Smoking will do nothing but extend the healing process.


  11. They put me on some heartrate monitor, then a little drip thing into my arm, he said something like "count to 10" and I hadn't even processed the words... and woke up with a mouth full of gauze on the recovery couch. Powerful stuff...

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