Ahh the ignorance of family and christianity..

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    I know they love Me and just want the best for Me.. but atleast respect Me.

    The convo:

    gma: I Know it all. Very upset. Must set you straight about everything. Will see you when we get back .That's for SURE!

    Me: No grandma, Im upset.

    Upset that My family gathers to talk about Me behind My back and judge Me without Me there to voice My opinions.

    I know what Im doing and am not blinded by the ignorance of other people. If cannabis helps Me medicly then it is not My concern what you or any other family member thinks of it because it's My choice and the (last name removed) have been the only ones to disagree and they are ignorant.

    As far as religion goes? I just don't believe, simple as that.

    gma: The (last name removed) love you. I will not talk about this anymore so the whole world can know what we talk about. We will talk to you when we get back. We love you , you are not thinking right. That's all for now. Again we love you. Love , your praying Grandmother. GOD BLESS YOU! XXXXXXXXXXX

    Me: No one but Me and you can read these messages unless your showing them to someone.

    I love them too. But that doesn't give them a right to judge Me.

    But tellin Me Im not thinking right means that you don't respect Me. What are you gonna come back to NY to brainwash Me? I'm a grown man and have done My research and exploration in this world.

    gma: Respect you? I love and respect all my grandchildren. You just have not heard enough in your life about GOD. I prayed to him many times as I do each night. Have gotten results because I believe. Had heart aches in my life , but overcame them with prayer. You have nothing when you don't have God.

    Me: And I have plenty without god. I have a family and the mind to make My own choices. I dont need a man writin book to know whats right and wrong.

    I dont doubt that you and others need "god" in their life but they use it as a last resort when they dont know where else to go. When they feel lost and alone in the world. Just because I fall on hard time Im not gonna look to something that I dont believe in, regardless of if "god" is real or not. I cant and never will believe in the bible. Im sorry but thats who I am, I see falicies in it, and if gods words contain false hoods then what kind of god is that to hold faith in to watch over you?

    gma: What falsehoods are there. And when you have hard times Where do you get relief Smoking only is for that moment, and then eventually you look for stronger meds. that Kill.

    Me: I don't smoke when Im on hard times. That would be useing the drug as an outlet and that's not what I do. I use it as a medicine fir My chrones. I write when Im on hard times. I don't do drugs. Why would I turn to drugs durring hard times just because I smoke cannabis?

    And cannabis has never killed one person. It's impossible to overdose.

    And Im not goin over what I see wrong with the bible. If your able to read it and take those words literally then god bless you grandma but I don't.

    gma: There are many young people with Crohns and they don't smoke that. It is illegal and addictive. You should try to join a group. There are alot of nice people to meet in the same situation. You might even have a different outlook on life and enjoy some nice friends. There are many on line. Got to go now. Love you alwaysXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Me: They don't smoke because they don't know the benefits behind it. It doesn't matter to Me if it's illegal, it was made illegal over racism, and it is not physically addictive. And join a group for what? To try and have My mind changed? I told you I have pride in what I believe and no person or group can change that. If I join anything it will be with people that agree with Me.

    your views on cannabis are incorrect and misdirected.

    I rather use a natural plant that god created then some man made chemicals that have dangerous and unknown side effects on the body.
  2. Damn, my only (then, RIP) living grandparent was 85 when I was born so I can't even fathom this type of conversation with a family member like that.

    You both have some serious personal respect issues to get over.

    Grandma: Was born in an era where "wisdom"(age) was the deciding factor beyond gender. She believes she has knowledge to pass on to you and you seem to be denying outright the fact that she could help you. (I have a stoner friend with Chrons and know what it's like) In my opinion you should let her talk all she wants about christianity but make it clear that you are not christian, so she will focus her efforts in helping you in other ways. If this isn't possible you really just shouldn't talk about it with her, she is too old to change her mind on something so big.

    What's the whole story? this seems like a parsing of an epic family battle (had those too) that doesn't make sense to anyone without the whole story.
  3. The backstory is that I posted somethin on facebook about if anyone actually has read the bible and posted parts where god pretty much tells people to kill innocent poeple and to eat the flesh of their own family members. Like what kind of god is that??

    So then the southern part of My fam started defending their believes (which I did not directly target, I just asked a question and posted verses from the bible) and started attacking Me because of My marijuana use. I guess they ran and snitched to My grandmother.

    I have repsect for My grandma, But Im a grown man and I dont need anymore knowledge about god or cannabis.
  4. Sounds exactly like my family. Half catholic, 1/4 Alcoholic, 1/4 Mormon. Somehow we make it work for the reunions ever few years. Good luck man, from my endless arguments about weed and the bible (i'm an atheist leaning-agnostic) against my mom I think I've found the best way to treat those people is to just tune them out. They will never change as evidenced by the fact that they don't knowhow to react since you did.
  5. I agree with Nelra, your grandma is too old to change her mind on issues such as Christianity and weed. My grandparents and the rest of my family are the exact same way.

    Like you have said you are a grown man and can make your own decisions on what you believe and if they cant see and respect that then who needs them anyway? I know it can be tough dealing with these situations but just dont let it bother you and move on with your life. Life is too short to be arguing with your family members about something as trivial as religion and reasons why weed are illegal.
  6. lol lemme get that bible verse
  7. Flemian, just because you're ignorant enough to not believe there's a god doesn't mean you need to go around and spreading bullshit. I find that very disrespectful. When your life will be on line I'm sure you'll pray to god when you'll need to. And that time will come. Take example 'ouija boards' those things are dangerous and should not be messed with. They open the gates to evil and when people realize it they pray to God cause that's the onlyway to get rid of evil. So don't go around disrespectin your family by saying God doesn't exist.
  8. Wow bro that suck's, luckily my family is ok with my pot smoking and my grandma loves it when I show her how im making edibles or she wants to smell what im currently toking on lol my grandma is awesome. As for god...:laughing:...well I don't believe in that hoopla, I don't think that there's a magical man in the clouds watching over everyone.
  9. OP; I went through the same thing with my family, eventually they learn to accept it, don't expect them to agree with you though, everyone has their own views and morals and to each his own.

    Meanwhile, smoke that kush :smoke:
  10. this looks like some miscommunication, she's against you changing religions, and you are arguing like shes against you smoking weed.

    separate the issues and talk about them individually, smoking weed and what you believe in don't (or don't) really have influence on one another.
  11. You can't say something is bullshit when it's the truth.:rolleyes:
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    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your grandma. Unfortunately you're not going to change her mind. She sounds like a very strong willed woman and she believes what she believes. You're not going to change her mind about marijuana or god any more than she's going to change your mind about those same subjects.

    What I recommend is that you try your best to get along with her. Show her respect for her beliefs. It's fine to tell her that you don't believe. But try not to put down her religion or insult her for it. I mean, you don't beleive and that's fine, but every system of beliefs, even atheism has significant problems and lapses in logic associated with it. Look into Pascal's Wager and you'll see what I mean.

    I hope you can work things out with your grandma man. Family is important. But like I said, show her respect for her beliefs, and maybe, eventually, she'll be able to do the same. Try shower her studies that say marijuana helps your condition. She's never going to be pro-marijuana. But maybe if you can show her some reputable studies, she might come around to looking the other way, so to speak.

    Good luck man.
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    Not that I agree with what that user is saying, because I think Atheism is just as valid as any other system of beliefs, but you really need to calm down with your anti-Christianity if you have any hope of fixing things. The truth is, you don't know it's the truth, no one really knows for sure. It's impossible to. It'd be foolish to insist your point of view is the truth, when talking about religion. Science doesn't know shit. We've got tons of theories running around, but really no proof for any of it. Furthermore, there's not proof that even if the theory of evolution and the big bang is correct (and personally I don't think it is, at least not completely; we're missing some things), there's no proof that there isn't any driving force, or higher conciousness behind it.

    As it stands, there is no such thing as truth spiritually. Not really. You just....kind of find a belief system or life philosophy that works for you and you put your trust in it. I think Atheists rely on faith just as much as Christians.

    BTW, I'm am Atheist myself. I just like to keep my mind open.
  14. Thank god most of my family doesnt have FB...
  15. I 100% agree with nascarfan.

    How do you explain some celebrities selling their souls n shit. Just sayin that makes my stomach turn. So of Satan exist then obviously God exists and he is mightier. I'm not goin to go preaching now, cause I know its pointless to tell ignorant people who have a thick skull.
  16. I 100% agree with nascarfan.

    How do you explain some celebrities selling their souls n shit. Just sayin that makes my stomach turn. So of Satan exist then obviously God exists and he is mightier. I'm not goin to go preaching now, cause I know its pointless to tell ignorant people who have a thick skull.
  17. Yeah grandmas been around for a while she knows how the world is. She just dont like you man tell that bitch to look after her bastard child. :hello:
  18. when your grandma says she loves you, you should say it back. why does she even know you smoke? that's none of her business. don't denounce her beliefs, just tell her they aren't for you. considering she lives in another state this shouldn't be a problem.
  19. Man, I've realized that religion is one of the main reasons why global peace is impossible.
  20. Crohns sucks balls. I have Ulcerative Colitis which is a lot similar...don't know where i'd be without marijuana.

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