ahh my first nice bong...

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  1. Today I picked up this 2 foot, 1 perc., splash guard, ice catcher HVY. It's got a diffused downstem .. it came with a nice Gravitron clear bowl... and the guys at my local shop thew in 2 other bowls...total cost: $318.00

    Milk Vid: coughin like crazy cuz Im finishin the last f the 9 gram chunk of hash I picked up the other day (see other threads)

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=808ZXeARAoo"]YouTube - Clip 18[/ame]

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  2. wow nice bong, but not worth 3 hundo
  3. Not knockin' it, but it looks like it drags like a mother fucker.
  4. beauty, def. worth 3hundo :)
  5. you could have gotten an 8 arm tree perc hvy off shivadas for 280
  6. wayy to much water in the ashcatcher.... needs to be right above the slits.
  7. Find a better level of water. Looks like it hit bad...

    But the bong is nice I wish I had a 2 foot bong. I only have a 1 footer.
  8. You have your percs drowning.
  9. Thanks man... I don't know this shit yet... my main goal was to keep any water from getting inbetween the GonG dropstem so it wouldn't get locked up and that was about it... I tried fillin the perc space about half as full and you are correct, it hit WAY better... way less drag...

    I'm in love with my bong...

    And for those of you that say I paid too much, I don't really care. I would have lost the money in gas i I were to drive to chicago and get a bong for cheaper. So I might as well just spend a bit extra cash in town...

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