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  1. Okay so i ordered two 400w HPS bulbs and two 400w MH Bulbs. and a 400w MH Ballast and a 400w HPS Ballast.

    I didn't get my HPS Ballast but i did get my MH Ballast and it's just a bunch of wires hooked up to some heavy ass thing. I'm no electrician. Anyone able to help me (or give me link to help or pre-wired Ballasts for sale)?
  2. There is a couple different sets of wires you could have goin' on. Youll need to post a picture so we can see if it has a set of 220v or 110v wires or both.
  3. [​IMG]
    Link: http://www.1000bulbs.com/product.php?product=926
    Stock Status In Stock
    Ballast Technology Magnetic
    Ballast Type Core & Coil
    Product Technology High Intensity Discharge
    Type Standard
    Line Voltage Regulation (+/-) 10 %
    Power Factor (Min.) HPF
    Circuit Type CWA
    Insulation Class H(180)
    Voltage (Min) 360
    Input Volts 480
  4. I dont think you will be able to use that ballast. As far as i can tell it can only run on 440v.

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