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Discussion in 'General' started by jjsmit, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. i cant chill when I smoke like I start laughing uncontrollably, I get a tunnel vison and I feel like im falling. And then I think that every song sounds like the best one ever. Why is this happening? Ahhhhh naw sike fool I got you guys. Hahaha. So,,,,,, whats up with you. I have some thoughts falling around in this head of mine and I was thinking would you live for either the good of your future or the present and how you feel about right now.

    Fo example if somebody asked you to watch 6 straight hours of those lame shows on Vh1 and MTV for them doing all of your exams(you take them on an internet course and everybody else couldnt cheat like this. its not a likely story but w/e bitch). Would you do it for your future on choose the choice that makes you feel better right now. I hope you understand this dog.
  2. Future. You should always be forward-thinking, especially in circumstances (like your hypothetical one above) that involve consequences
  3. Exams are fun.
    They're a rush because you are 50% sure you're ready and 50% sure you've forgotten to study something.
    Usually you will reach a section you completely neglected to study and then will have to pull out all your best bullshitting methods (this doesn't work in many cases but you'd rather bullshit then take the 0).

    So I'd rather take the exam.
    If I fail..well that's life, better luck next time sort of thing.
  4. do you ever just whip it around in a car alot and just like smoke and go everywhere, everyones house and get a lot of weed and just smoke the whole time? I do that sometimes but--ok idk where this is going nm dogs.
  5. I was already confused and that^^ post didnt help lol

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