Ahh have not seen my guy in 10 days

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  1. .I really Need to have some Sex soon and Cuddle but we got in a argument on monday so yeahh:(
    Im trying to leave him alone...
  2. aww too bad u live in san francisco ;)
  3. You better at least send him a text or something.

    I don't really play mind games, but I'll admit I'm a stickler for that kinda stuff. If I get into a fight and blow off a girl, how quickly they start freaking out is a decent indicator of how interested they actually are in keeping the relationship.

    After a week with no contact I'd be sizing up replacements. Just being real.

    After a couple days I expect a half assed apology voice mail. Day after that a angry voice mail. Day after that a panicky voice mail. Day after that a serious apology in that tiny little voice you girls do. Then I call them back after they've come full circle.

    We both said some things...--> fine then fuck you... --> seriously where are you?--> I'm sorry and I really want to talk. Please!?!?!

    If its been a week and you never even got around to sending a text saying "miss you :(" I'd think you didn't care. You better get on that.
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    Oh not at all!!! After we got in our fight monday. I aplogized. Next day said " want you to see my tanlines :(" and " miss you" at night time so he could think of me :). He txtd me The next day saying " happy 5th of may" but he didnt initiate convo after my reply.

    He said he missed me over The weekend before The fight & would text me like at 4am... Since we last saw eachother other...

    I would Love to just be like hey how has work been i Need some living soon" but idont want to seem controlling!! Or blow up his phone :( maybe Now if I DONT txt him for a couple of days hell miss me...
    I know hell comeback sooner or later
    But im impatient for some of his Love :( lol
  5. i have seen my girlfriend since april 12th cause im in prague.. stop yo bitchin! lol i kid i kid...
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    Aw thar sucks Howcome? Lol fool I'll kick ur butt I kid I kid.. I ended up leaving him a sincere voice msg. This morning I txt him that idk what up but I'm done trying & he knows where to reach me.
  7. not everything is about YOU
  8. I don't know you, but it really bothers me that your first sentence was "I really Need to have some Sex soon". that really shows what kind of girl you are. Maybe you should put sex to the side and focus on him.
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    I know I come of blunt but it's not just about the sex it's him..

  10. school abroad to prague... and she's @ the school... sucks... 3 more weeks... but Prague is dope.
  11. I'm going to go buy a plane ticket to san fran right now to solve the sex problem!! ;)
  12. Why does it bother you?
  13. I just don't like when people like people just for sex, to each there own tho.

  14. Dude one night stands and booty calls are the shit :hello:
  15. Now hold on one minute here, I don't know where you're from, but in America, men know how to please their women. This is a country of loyalty, and honor. And a man should honor his woman by being with her, and only her. This "one night stand" crap has got to stop! I would sooner see my own wife leave me and take half my things, than she sleep with another man. I honor her, because I love her, and she's good to me. She helped me raise our son, and for that I could never do this "one night stand" crap that you're talking about.

    I don't know where you're from sir, but I'll tell you what... I don't care to talk to you any longer. I stand for loyalty and honor, or I haven't been selling propane and propane accessories for over 20 years!


    AmIDoinItRight? :p
  16. Sproggs i would be loyal, respectful and faithful as all hell to my woman if i were to find the right girl. If and when i do get married i will try to do the best i can to please her, i would never cheat on her.

  17. You must not watch King of the Hill? It was a joke :p I failed I guess. Oh well :eek:
  18. haha i didnt read the whole post my bad
  19. I havent had sex in 2 weeks and im a guy. Girls can hold off much much longer
  20. dude it all depends on the girl

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