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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ofmgk, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Hey all, got a few questions that've been bugging me the last few days... Would rather get info from the pros on board, than the kids around here who dont even know what a strain is.

    Anyway, here goes:

    1. I've started germinating, i'm not sure what strain of seeds, it's pretty much just a lot of bagseed. I've got maybe 70-80 of these seeds, guy i got it from said it's mostly thirty-sixties which i'm not too crazy about but... okay yeah, basically I've got like 20 seeds spread out in a tupperware container, and another container. Wrapped with toilet paper in one, and the other is paper towel to see if it made a difference, towels are pretty damp, lots of condensation is visible on the tupperware container. I also have 2 busted ipods, so I've been using them as makeshift heaters (plugged in) for the drawer they're stashed in. So anyway:

    I've got the seeds in containers, covered in towels on top of ipods wrapped up, to keep the seeds warm. I've heard light isn't required for mj seed germination, but would it help at all? And if it would, any suggestions on how strong of a light I should use?

    2. Light sources, I've been looking around the house for anything... I currently keep both my growing lamps at my gf's house, she has all our lights because we're starting a 2nd grow space in her attic, so i've been having trouble finding more lights around my house. But what I did find was this replica thomas edison lamp. I was looking at it, it's a 660w/250v lamp. What i'm wondering though, is would it be safe to load the lamp with a bulb that is 100w/120v? I know a 100w bulb in a 60w lamp isn't safe, but i wasnt sure if the opposite was any different?

    So is it safe to load a low watt+volt bulb in a lamp that produces higher watts+volts? And by safe, i mean like i could keep it running 24/0 without risk of fire/overload?

    3. I was hoping to work a small spaced stealth growth (2x2x2 ft.), through pruning, would I be able to focus more on outward growth than upward? Like, would I be able to produce fairly decent amounts of bud if the plant wasnt too tall, but bushy on the sides?

    Like instead of: II
    II <--plant growing out but mostly up
    XXXXXX <-- Pot

    I would do:
    IIIIII <--plant growing. not tall in height, short instead.
    XXXXXX it would grow mostly outwards.

    4. Goes with the question above--
    How many weeks into growing does it take for smell to pick up?
    How obvious is the smell?
    How easy can a small plant stink up a room?

    I was planning on stealthing in my room behind my computer desk, and I'm low on the cash to afford an electric air filter. But when I transplant to my basement, we have an air purifier down there that is on 24/7 so I'm hoping that will help out? But I had an idea like this.. the big filters they use for air vents in basements, for like air intake/outake filtering in your house, could I surround the outside of my grow space with that, to cover smell? Or would that not work?

    thats what i'm thinking of using

    5. Has anybody ever tried using bulbs used for lizards? like the bulbs they use for (i want to say terrarium but i dont think thats the right word?). i bought it at petco, its 100w, its not flourescent, but also-- would any bulb that says 'good for plant growth' work? or should i go out and buy me some 40w cfl's?

    6. how long on average does it take for seeds to germinate? its been 24 hours, i check on them twice a day, but only notice some cracks in a couple seeds. don't know if thats good, maybe they're old and just cracked? or could taproots be peeking out?

    and this last question is kind of out there, i mean common sense tells me no it wouldn't work, but just wondering

    say i take care of my plant for a few weeks, let the plant grow a bit, but to cover up the obviousness of it being a marijuana plant, could you cut a leaf so it's 4 leaves a branch? rather than 5? i know it would slow down photosynthesis, but would it slow it down a whole lot? i mean if i had a lot of fan leaves, but they were only 3 or 4 leaves each, would that grow at all? only reason i ask, is if i ever get questioned about it? could just say 'what? nope this has 4 leaves each see...' i'm expecting the answer to be a big no, so any input on this would be fine (feel free to laugh at me haha, i just kind of sat around and wondered a bit if it was possible)

    anyway, any input would be great :)

    peace out
  2. Im sorry dude but one question at a time that was a complete overload on my buzz well anyways heres my advice for germination wait till tiny taproot shows then place in soil 1 inch deep remember to saturate soil first go and get the 40 watt cfls unless it says flourescent its useless indascendents dont work thats my advice for you you lucky I helped you out next time press the search button:devious:
  3. yeah, i did use the search, and did look for awhile... even googled most of it, but didnt come up with the exact answers..
  4. 1. Light on seeds that have not germinated don't help unless light is being used as a heat source.

    2. If your reinvention of the Thomas Edison light bulb is an incandescent bulb it will not work regardless of the wattage ratings.

    3. LST pruning and topping can help keep the plant short.

    4. Certain strains of MJ can start to smell even before flowering. If they are mostly indica strains they will be short, wide and very smelly. One plant can smell up a room even before flower. I have two indica plants going and they smell up 2 rooms and the hallway and they are not in flower. I don't know if your filters will work. The best to kill smell are carbon filters, Ionizers, and ozone filters. You can make a carbon filter yourself. Do a search on here on how to make one. Most "air purifiers" don't work. Especially the Ionic Breeze thing.

    5. Unless the lizard bulb and so called "grow bulbs" are flouros or HID lights, they will not work.

    6. Seeds can sometimes take 72 hours to crack. Once you see a tiny tap root, plant it in PRE-MOISENED soil about a half inch deep.

    6b. Pruning gets rid of a lot of the big fan leaves.
  5. ahh awesome, thanks a lot VTEC. yeah i took a wiff off the tupperware the seeds are in, already a pungent smell coming from them.. also kind of funny, i just checked the status of the seeds a little after i posted this because i heard they were old and might not work, and there were 2 or 3 seeds already sprouting! so it looks like its gonna work out pretty decent anyway, woohoo


    the edison lamp original bulb was incandescent, but i'd be able to use a different bulb right? like i could put a cfl in there? but the same question stands, like could i put a cfl that puts out 40watts into the lamp that pushes out 660w?

  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    My pleasure. You know, I don't really know. I don't want to give you bad advice on this because we are dealing with electricity. Wait for someone else who knows. As for your funky smell; try adding a small amount of bleach to the water that you spray your seeds with next time. The bleach will inhibit mold for those seeds that don't crack right away. Plant those that have cracked ASAP. Good luck bro.
  7. actually i just checked another lamp i have in my room, as a desk lamp, and it says it pushes out 660w also but will only suggests a 60w bulb, so i'm guessing the same rule applies for this smaller guy i have next to it. i just need to get ahold of some soil now.. was thinking about using some from outdoors, but the soil around here has a strong composition of clay, like i can easily roll it into a 'dirt snake', so i think i'll try to find a different compost or just purchase a new bag.
  8. I would not use soil from outside. It has to be sterilized first. Go to a nursery and pick up some organic potting soil. Try to stay away from Miricle grow if you can.

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