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  1. this is an urgent problem.
    he youngsters dont know it...and its hitting their wallets hard.
    theres already been 2 threads in2 weeks about it.
    the threat of dealers selling catnip to noobs. lemme show u the difference.



    if your weed does not come in nug form...dont buy if. if they say its pre grinded...dont buy could be anything...weed mixed with grass....whatever.
  2. +rep , weed has hair , shiny (i think the best color for them to be is amber?) colored crystals . good weed is sticky , will leave resin on your fingers , has small amounts of seeds . all i can think of for now
  3. #3 Saint Dogg, Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 17, 2008
    lol might want to add acouple more pictures of weed like a shwagg, mids, dank picture sense the one you put up is some fire that none of the people who are going to fall for the catnip trick are getting.

    Doesn't have to have seeds, if the hermies where pulled from the grow area the buds will be seedless...
  4. Oregano too.
    Watch out for it.

    Looks and smells kinda like grinded bud. Another reason never to buy pre grinded.
  5. pre-ground not grinded

    and yes people seem to have been falling for this alot lately. the flowers of the plant look alot like buds...but they wont be dryed out either. just search catnip on google or something and you can see what the flowers look like. theres really no excuse to ever be fooled by catnip
  6. hahahahaaha oregano smells NOTHING like good bud

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