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  1. Ok so im driving back from a walk in the park and a nice dinner at a fine chinease resturant with my mom and my sister, and right after we go out side to smoke a blueberry jay, after we smoked up I said ill drive since im the most use to being stoned and were driving a chrystler new york, which is fairly rare around our parts. Anyways as were heading home a guy with a few people pulls up infront of us in the same car!, lol so we start heading to where were going and im noticing that where he is going is where im heading to get home, after like 10 minuts of driving in the same direction, my mom says I bet he thinks were following him, lol this is the part where I get a stonner idea, lol I suggested that we follow him until he gets scared, lol, so as time goes on he notices that were following him so he speeds up, lol so I speed up as well and pull right up beside him at the same speed, when he slowed down so did I, lol you gatta imagin how funny this was each time they tried to get away id chase them down and flash my high beam behind them then pull up beside them, lol at this point were about 15 minuts in the other direction away from our home, lol then the 2 lane road turned into a 1 lane road and it just lost its special moment at this point we had a good laugh and here I am sharing this story, grinding up some weed, and preparing a raspberry juicy jay joint
  2. ha hah ah! i've done that before...but to my friend when we had just bought a new car. it was funny shit man!
  3. haha, thats not cool, what if the guy you were following was stoned too and was freakin out, haha.. makes me think of super troopers, that opening scene...
  4. Ahahahaha, I cant stop laughing, lol yeah I guees it was a bit scary for him but it was so fking funny, lol
  5. dude u smoke with ur mom and sister? fucking nice!
  6. reminds me more of the movie urban myth, when that girl kills everyone because some kids were following her, flashing their brights, pulling a prank on her.

    LOL, watch your ass man.
  7. *stoned zoned out expression*
    freaky lol

  8. and my dad + my other sister :)

  9. LOL you remind me of that dumb and dumber scene when floyd and harry get get that one guy who hawk'd in harrys food to pay for the tab, lol
  10. One time we ordered pizza and when the delivery guy came we all hid behind trees, he saw us and was too scared to give us our pizza! It was funny until we realized we just lost our food.

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