ahaha this guy is great..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by boredjim8, May 12, 2006.

  1. the guy is the A+ sailsmen.. we call him ike .. well yesterday im puttin the box of blunts in pocket before i walk out and im lookin down and i look walk to left and head out to door..

    now a lady is walkin in and i didnt realize it right away but shes BANGING HOT .. with some HUGE tits i mean fuckin huge and nice she was skinny as shit too so not fatty tittys haha..

    well it didnt click right awayand when i realize it i turn the fuck around and look at her then i look over at ike whos lookin at me lookin at her and he laughs and i grab my chest and nod like HELL YA and he starts laugin his ass off ..

    sry this probly isnt funny at all.. the guys arabic and that kinda makes it funny .. and knoin him in person too .. but w/e PEACE
  2. Heh....I'm pretty high so I was able to imagine the whole senario so it's pretty funny.
  3. i get it...haha arabs are funny
  4. like Apu that owned the quick-e-mart on the simpsons? lol i had a stoner friend like him, looked just like him, except with dreadlocks. laughed like him and everything.

  5. Haha same the way it was written made it really visual

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