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ah week ten no blaze

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by young reip, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. What up blades so i had that drug test i was talking about and after quittin for 6 weeks i still failed with low amounts of THC after workin out and blah blah blah, so i'm in some one a week group sessions where i get randomly tested. I've been using my buddies urine but i wanna be able to use my own soon so i still have refrained from blazin. Its really not as hard bein away from the herb as i thought it would be, but idk i've found myself doing ocs and drinking alot more. I got 7 more weeks of this no blaze business ad then i'll be back at my 5 gram a day status, although idk if i'm gonna start right up and blaze that much again. Oh and today i found a lost dog and got a 100 dollar reward and scored some 54mg concertas for really cheap :0:) but yeah i was just lettin ya'll know whats good. I envy every one of you and your ability to get high
  2. 7 weeks isnt too bad a lot of my friends are gettin off papers finally
  3. yeah yanno thing is i would think i was saving alot of money but my lawyer was 2000 and my other shit is around 50 a week
  4. bumo..........
  5. yeah u dont have to go straight back to 5 grams a day, I would do that sometimes if I had enough bud occasionally, but everyday seems a bit excessive, although its your choice. Congrats with the t-break, keep going dude!
  6. sounds good :)

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