ah the cops are everywhere!

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. in my little town about 10 minutes southwest of minneapolis, they are having this thing called the Raspberry parade. i dont even think we grow any raspberries! but anyways...

    today there were cops all over, and the main street was blocked off because of this shit. i live not even two blocks away from it all. well me and some friend shad to go to kfc, right on the main street, to get some weed! there were fucking pigs everywhere. i mean every corner, and shit like that. i saw them chasing people in their cars, a huge fucking hallowed out fan being raided on the side of the road. watch, i bet that was LSD heading straight for my neighboorhood -_-

    i hope this shit dont last much longer... theyre everywhere.....
  2. i hate cops, a few weeks ago i was commin home, from like a mile away and i counted over 10 cops, weird shit, there wasnt anything goin on
  3. heh land of the free :rolleyes:
  4. shit man thats nothin, the exact day i bought an OZ off this guy at school there was with huge ass cop convention thing. I was so fucken nervious. i shit you not the whole fucken parking lot outside administraion was filled with cop cars, crusers, unmarked, under cover, D.A.R.E. vans the whole fucken 9 yards. I couldent even skip my boring ass drawing class that day cause there was just that fucken many.

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