ah man Mass Effect...

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  1. man Mass Effect is one game that is quite epic...i'd compare it against the first halo

    the story is just absolutely incredible all these twists and turns :hello:

    i know i'm late but for those of you who havn't played or have thought about playing def at least give it a rental and beat it before you give it back, so you can go get the sequel :)

    my future games i'm about to play is lost planet, and bioshock...gonna see how those fair out (if any input about the games you post is spoilers...for the love of god DO NOT POST or i will be giving out my first ever neg rep lol)

    btw i played as a vanguard...playing through it I kinda wished i would have been a soldier instead..overall i think the decision i made was fine
  2. Don't ever get lost planet. That game is piece of shit, one of the worse game ever.
  3. lol my friend has it and hes letting me borrow it, so its no biggie for me :D the same with mass effect, and bioshock..:D

    btw any other games with a GREAT story line like mass effect? (for the PC, thats new)

  4. i agree it was not that great, would not say one of the worst though...the second one looks like it could be much better. :smoking:
  5. i have played through it twice now and id be interested to know why exactly you call it quite epic? the first halo was great because of its unique gameplay, graphics and story, while mass effects story is quite good its gameplay does lack.

    i am a fan of the game but unless some major gameplay improvements are introduced i will not be picking up the new one. i played through as a soldier and a sentinal.

    its not quite kotor and its not quite gears of war, its a mesh of kotor rpg elements and a 3rd person action shooter. neither are done to well but its still enjoyable.

    but how do you classify this game as epic when you have things like oblivion out there that hit the nail on the head (excluding repetative story).

    its all opinion so there are no right or wrong answers but mass effect is not up there in the top games ever made.
  6. Ah, one of my favourites. played through it three times and about to attempt my fourth. Im a level 60 soldier now I think. My only gripe would probably be the side missions and the planets, being pretty much the same and all.

    But ME2 will be amazing! Fix and improve all the problems with the first one and. Not to mention you can continue with your ME1 save file and the decisions you made in the first one will alter the events of the second (did you exterminate the Rachni or not?)
  7. not sure if you have, but if you like mass effect and youv never played Knights of the old republic for origional xbox, that should be your next play. :smoking:
  8. Lost Planet was a great game. Sad to see so much hate for it.
  9. Dude, i played as vanguard too. Try bionic next time, it's like a whole different game.
  10. I loved Mass Effect. Travelling around to different solar systems and exploring planets was my favorite part.
  11. ME2 is going be badass, even more darker storyline. :D
    Plus you can port your character from first one to the 2nd game. The ending is going be different too depends on your character and how well you do in storyline.

    I think it's one of the best storylines out there besides bioshock, halo, obivion, zelda OoT, zelda tp and many more. :)

  12. anyother ones you can think of for the PC?
  13. Lost planet is a great game... only people who hate it are those who get fucked up online.

  14. bioshock and oblivion are for PC
  15. yeah i just tried out lost planet....it does suck....its just a plain shoot run shoot...shoot...shoot...blah blah blah who cares daddy died...at least i gave it a try...i feel bad for ppl who buy such crappy games
  16. Lost Planet sucks. I would suggest Gears of War 2, along with Call of Duty 4, it's one of the games I bought and have still played almost everyday since I bought it.

    Awesome handle by the way.

    Anyone wanna get down on Gears of War 2, by gamertag is DankPlantGrower.
  17. Never played it online, played it for about 20 minutes and threw Gear is War 2 back in. Shit looks cheesy from the main menu and feels cheesy from the gameplay. He's only borrowing it, so it's no biggie, but there are better games to spend hard earned money on right now.

  18. same here...maybe 15 minutes :)

    but ya, i just finished bioshock..it was a little slow at first..storyline wise..but it popped up a twist and had a classic good finish :)

    hmm i guess, i'm going to try out assassins creed

  19. Agreed. I loved that game, man.
  20. man buy assassin's creed, its a sick game and mass effect is one pf my favorite games of all time. i love that glitch when your able to wear any kind of armor no matter what class you be.

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