ah fuck my plants are dieing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian8472, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. heres what happens:

    they get a yelloe spot on one of there leaves

    its gets bigger

    and bigger

    then the plant dries up i am watering enough and i am not adding ferts anyone know some steps i can do
  2. gimme some info...any pics, what kind of lighting, how often you watering, how old are they, are you mising them?
  3. ok heres goes its soil that has some nutreints in it and lil white crushable vitamin stones lights on 18/6 watering whenever they feel dry about once a day hps 400 watt bulb in a toruble light hanging over the plants 2 inches 1 1/2 weeks old 4 inchs tall helps a bit?
  4. dump the soil. soil with nutes for mj = bad. those 1st set of leaves are embryo leaves and sustain the plant for atleast 2 weeks. get regular soil. going into your 3rd week youll want to give the 1/2 the recommended dose of anything high in nitrogen. and was that 2 inches from the seedlings you have that 400watt hps? they will never survive under those type light conditions, raise that up another 24inches atleast if it is that close.
  5. thanks high girly got a question tho one of em died( only 2 left) so i practiced a simple transplant to see if i could preserve the roots and what not i tore alot of it up any transplant tips? lol

  6. Please don't tell me you tried yanking on the base of the stem.

    The way I always transplanted was simple. Tilt the plant enough to dump out all the loose topsoil into the new pot. Keep the pot tilted, and then >>>>GENTLY<<<< tug on the base of the stem. This should loosen the mass of soil from the old pot, and at that point should be put into the new pot that should already have some dirt on the bottom and sides.

    Then again, if we all grew hydro, we wouldn't have to worry about transplanting. =P

  7. heh thanks i tryed your method and it worked great the plant is doing just fine( i transplanted 6 hours ago ) any other advice for keeping these things healthy, ive read alot of grow guides anything they miss?
  8. Its not a question of wot they missed, Its a question of wot u missed! Everything u need to know is in em, But theres lots of it that u cant remember by only reading em once!
    Read em again, and again, and again.......u get the idea ;)
    Good luck!
  9. 1/ get a fan to blow across the plant

    2/ keep the growroom temp between 70-80

    3/ keep humidity at about 50% for vegging, and 30-40% for flowering

    4/ keep that 400w HPS at approx 16-20" from the top of the plant, and adjust it as the plant grows

    5/ make sure the plant is in a pot at least 3 gallon in size....

    6/ everything after the above is water and fert and ph......working at the bottom of the pot........

    Peace out..........Sid
  10. i have a new light now my old one was melting the threads on the trouble light socket so i had to decommision is :(

    good news tho i got a 150 watt hps and ballast so its all proper and this one doesnt make as much heat but is much bigger bulb then my old one :/ anyways its 5 inches from my plants right now can i germinate with this thing? its not making alot of heat near the soil so thwy wouldnt be very warm. and, how many plants can i grow with this light? its in my closet and is about 10 times brighter then my old one but only 150 watt so i need somone with some exp to tell me :p
  11. For germination, light is unnecessary until you have the coytledons showing above the ground, and then I wouldn't use more than about 30w of fluorescent lights until the 2nd or 3rd node. At that point it would be safe to move them under a vegging light, namely your 150w hps. I'd suggest MH over HPS, but not all of us can afford that.


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