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  1. Hey y'all, due to recent humidity issues I started pulling back my nutrient schedule for the girls, in fact I pulled back on watering altogether. I've been able to bring it back under control now and will be looking at getting a bar heater within the week, but now I've got this fuckup to deal with.

    So, I usually give the girls 3L each 4x a week, but had to cut that back to 2x a week with the humidity. The issue is I premix my liquid nutes in a container, usually this isn't an issue as I empty it after the third or fourth feeding, but I may have let it sit for a week or so this time, the pH rose to 7.2 and I didn't check it for the last two waterings.

    I'm in week 5 of flower now and I have a few rust colored leaves on one plant with burnt tips and margins across all three.

    Ive already watered with correct pH and nutes twice, What should I do next? 20210504_184238.jpg 20210504_184249.jpg
  2. you cliam 4 feeds a week,are you running in coco?
    if you are what ppm are you feeding at,the stage your at i would be a min of 750 ppm feeding twice a day.
    your leaves are rolling up so my guess is the way you feed is your biggest issue,i mean it ok to mix your feed for that day and if you choice to feed 4 times a day ok ,but it needs to be freshened daily,using 4 day old nutes isnt the best idea in my opinion.
    mix you feed solution for just that day,make sure your ph and ppm is right each time,it really is that simple
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  3. I feed 4 times a week in soil. But that's do to it being 100 deg lol

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  4. Yeah I'm running Coco, don't currently have a PPM Meter I'll have one for the next round however. And yeah I'd love to mix daily but Im at work more than I'm at home so it comes down to convenience, though I only have a small Resovoir so if I start hitting them daily I'll need to refill by Wednesday

    Thanks for the help brother!
  5. Molybdenum deficiency

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