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  1. Im going to be going with the agromax 4x4 grow tent, as far as lighting goes i cant decide on which set to get. I want to go with a 600w HPS setup and i have around $200 to budget for lighting. I was going to go with this for $150 Apollo 600Watt Electronic Dimmable Ballast and 6'' Duct Cool Tube Reflector Hydroponic Combo w/ HPS+MH Bulbs and rope ratchet +Timer: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    It seems like a good deal, i just see alot of people recommend air cooled reflectors rather then the cool tubes. This is my first grow so i plan on growing 2-4 plants in soil. One thing i dont understand is the lighhting for the seedling stage. With a kit like that from amazon, do i just use the MH bulbs from seedling all the way throughout vegging and then switch to the hps bulb when its time to flower?

    Otherwise i was going to go with something like this. PLEASE HELP iPower GLSETX600DHMAC6 600-Watt Light Digital Dimmable System for Plants - Air Cooled Hood Set: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    PLEASE HELP :smoking:
  2. I would go with the first unless you have enough money for the second one you just use mh for veg which is right from seedling then hps for flower.
  3. I own 3 1000w Apollo ballast, and 2 xxxl Apollo hoods. I absolutely love their equipment! 3 yr no questions asked warranty! Get on it bro!
  4. My advice would be to just grab a 1000w and dim it down as needed. You'll eventually wanna upgrade. And turning a knob is far cheaper then another ballast!

  5. I was thinking about that for temperature control to.How much roughly would that cost for the 1000w setup? Is there ever such thing as to much light for a grow tent,closet, room? Or is that more of a heat issue that the higher watt lights create?
  6. I've never heard of too much light, it's the heat you should at least have a fan in the room which will help somewhat.
  7. Can get one for around $300. Ballast, air cooled hood, usually hangers and bulbs.
  8. Thanks bro. Where online could I find all that. Is there any brands that are recommended? I keep hearing good things about Apollo but when I was looking for lighting kits they only had 400w setups. Any other brands to go with? I figured Apollo was one of the best because of there 3 year warranty which was a huge plus. Thanks again,

    John B
  9. Was only able to find 1 1k with air cooled hood. But it's currently unavailable until more come in. Maybe check eBay. I was on amazon. Or piece it together. Generally in a cheaper kit your Gettin a pretty small hood. I've up graded my hood twice because the original was small.

  10. I'm going to try and piece a kit together from Apollo. Did you leave the stock mh/hps bulbs or did you upgrade? I know u said u upgraded your reflector twice
  11. I'd go ahead and run the bulbs they give you. Get your grow Rollin and some money in the pocket. Then worry about some better bulbs. I personally like dual arc. Mh/hps combined in a single bulb.
  12. Another question i had was about temperature. Im in the midwest so we have pretty cold winters. Would i better off avoiding cool tubes... Im not familiar with "temperature" lighting/issues or im not even sure that has anything to with it lol

    I wish i could find an apollo set up like this. Would this be a safe buy? I never really heard of the brand "ipower" but it has everything i think i need to start my grow tent and an air cooled hood New iPower (Premium Black) Dimmable 600 Watt HPS + MH Digital Grow Light W/ 6" Air Cooled Hood Plant Growing Light Lamp. Digital HPS MH Ballast + HPS Bulb + Air Cool Reflector + Timer + Pair Yoyo: Patio, Lawn & Garden
  13. They are not going to make the same serial no. purple ballast I heard . That's why there out of stock everywhere. You can buy everything separatley, but then you might as well go with lumatek,phantom or galaxy. It would only be a little more money for 20% More light .
  14. Very untrue. They actually came out with a new design within the last 6 months. Just had one replaced via the company less then a month ago. Apollo isn't goin anywhere anytime soon.
  15. Another quick question, with that 1000w dimable Apollo ballast you recommended am I able to adjust it between 400, 600, and 1000 watts? And with the jump from 600w to 1000w with that be a big difference on my electricity bill?

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