Agree or Not, somethings wierd

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Soldierof420, May 4, 2011.

  1. ^^^hahahahahahahahahahahahaa. Why am I not surprised. U guys r freaking nuts
  2. Again, this isn't how you have a debate with someone. You look foolish, please contribute or stop.
  3. Why does it seem that no one in the entire world knows how to spell weird correctly?

  4. Growing up in this retarded ass school system I was infused with the idea "I before E except after C"

    and it's obviously a crock of shit.

  5. read an article the other day that said some prominent political bloggers (dissidents of course) had their entire account erased.

    that zucker sucker knows where to get fed (get it??? FED...:D)

    Hooray for crony capitalism :devious:
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    Maybe if any of the truthers would EVER actually answer the questions posed, other then picking and choosing their questions they like, I would be able to...but that article wad just so biased it was just silly...I have spent a lot of time reading and answering questions that are brought up, however, no one from the 'truther' side seems to answer the questions I bring up... I posted it again so mybe you can take a try...after all, you asked me to contribute without even commenting on the several paragraph responses I have had that seem to NEVER get answered. Maybe you can take a try, after all, "you look foolish, please contribute or stop posting".
    But please Tergale, answer the question...after all, I am just a few "facts" away from being on your side of the argument....I think it would be cool to live in a conspiracy PLEASE prove me wrong, it should not be hard, after all, you guys seem to know basically everything.

    My ONLY request is that you do not use Truther websites in is just silly and I will respond the same way I have been whenever someone does,,,and it is laughter and reposing my ?'s in hope of a real answer...let me have it, please
  7. I didn't respond to your paragraphs because I only skimmed your post to be honest. Reading what you have to say is difficult because of your spelling, grammar, and overall approach at trying to create an argument. You (seemingly) picked apart someone elses post (I'm in a hurry not checking who you wrote that towards) but all you really did was bring up the fact that without real investigation it is tough to get passed the he said she said dilemma. Thousands of engineers will say one thing and I guarantee someone can find thousands of engineers to say the exact opposite..

    I personally don't think 9/11 was an inside job as the way many people do. I don't think our government specifically could/would cause such an event. People need to learn to look outside the idea of governments and more so at the idea of who has the money. When so little of the worlds overall surplus of money is in the pockets of all and a small 1-5% of the population have the VASTE majority of the money it becomes easier to understand how groups of individuals (hundreds if not thousands is small compared to the overall population) can manipulate the world to further personal gains.

    I can't comment on explosive material and residue not being found because I am no expert on that subject and haven't done a whole lot of research on it. All I do know is that while clearly the twin towers were hit by fully fueled jet planes, WTC7 was not. It was hit by debris and had light fires throughout the day. Yet without being hit or withstanding massive fires it instantaneously went down being the first and only steel building to do this. If fires caused it I would at least expect a nonuniform collapse of the building but as you can see in videos that was not the case.

    Now I have NO IDEA why this happened. I just know that from what I have learned from the structure of these buildings and the fires/impact it suffered probably wouldn't cause a sudden and total collapse.

    Also for future reference you shouldn't use the same phrase over and over again sentences (or not even) apart with your clever "Maybe you can take a try, " approach at ridicule. I'm not sure how I seem foolish considering I've hardly voiced my opinion here up until now other than simply stating that something does in fact seem odd. I have not ridiculed anyone and have avoided all forms of name calling and personal attacks, as difficult as that has been with you.
  8. I had a longer post but I got deleted....please show me my spelling mistakes and where I used the same line soo many times. Honestly, I didn't and cant find what you are referring to. Also, why would you post and not even read my posts, the whole thread, or at least the link where I got frustrated and you commented on? Seems you are just posting things I never did to make your point stronger. I would not have even responded, except that usually on GC, assumptions are made and he who posts last, people will assume is correct.
    Also, I have responded to any question posed at me as good as I can, if you read the thread you would see this. So please, show me how my posts were so grammatically poor and try reading the links before you blast me for having and voicing an opinion. And please, try and post real things, not just that you didn't read the thread because img of grammar or a rush, I think you would see I am just frustrated from getting the run around or having biased sites be claimed as fact..
  9. I feel like we've argued in the past possibly lol

    Either way I can see we both agree that we won't be able to see eye to eye and this back and forth would be pointless.:wave:

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