Agree or Not, somethings wierd

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  1. Reading his wiki and his bio he sounds like someone who could be somewhat credible in his opinions.

    Steve Pieczenik - Biography

    The interview is fun to listen to:

    [ame=]YouTube - Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik: Bin Laden was also on Mossad, British Payroll - 1/3[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik: Bin Laden was also on Mossad, British Payroll - 2/3[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik: Bin Laden was also on Mossad, British Payroll - 3/3[/ame]

  2. Since last night most of his WikiPedia page has been removed.

    Here is what it said just last night, you can click to see what it says now:


  3. ok troll sheeple, ill bite do you know how much coincidence happened on that day for 9//11 attacks to fucking succeed?

    here is a site where you got 1,492 verified architectural and engineering professionals who according to are just a bunch of conspiracy folks who are nuts ...


    also did you know that the actual designers of the twin towers say that the buildings were made to withstand multiple airliner hits,...

    all those things ive said are NOT WHAT IM FEELING, BUT ACTUAL FACTS...

    like trees grow on the ground is fact or birds fly its also fact..

    learn to speak in facts, keep your opinions to your self when you try to argue

    most of the families who lost loved ones on that day also dont believe the OFFICIAL 9/11 story..
    does that mean they get a monthly subscription of tin foil hats mailed to them?

  4. THIS...Well said...:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  5. I'm confused.

    'Agree or not, something's weird'?

    What if I don't agree? Is it still weird regardless of my agreement? How do you know?

    Hidden within the thread title lies the implication my agreement is irrelevant, therefore the OP is pushing a preconceived idea upon me.

    How can I trust you if you're trying to get me to think like you?!?! :eek:
  6. I'm not sure which thread to put this in, but my certainty that our version of the story of his death is the real deal is dwindling fast...

    Osama bin Laden dead: Blackout during raid on bin Laden compound - Telegraph

    Ok... so no pictures, the video doesn't exist, the body was dumped immediately... Our senators were faked out by false images of his death...

    Senators Misled By Likely Fake Bin Laden Photos - Osama bin Laden News Story - WBAL Baltimore

    I mean, what the fuck? Where is the professionalism in our government? Is there any? This is the kind of shit that pisses me off.
  7. Called an "attention getter" buddy, brought you in regardless if you agreed :p

    It was just a way of saying "whether you think so or not, there is some weird shit going on"
  8. What sense does this make to release if it's true?

    Osama Bin Laden Raid: Al Qaeda 'Playbook' Revealed - ABC News


  9. Trying to instill the FEAR that keeps our political system running..
  10. On another note, what REALLY went down with this raid? I was watching the news the night it happend and kept hearing the words "gun battle" and shit like that... and that Osama used a human shield (some woman). Now I get the impression there were no weapons and made some kind of "threatening" move.. like really? What kind of Jackie Chan shit would make a bunch of special forces storming a house feel threatened? Lol

    and that they had permission to kill regardless... and it took approximately 40 minutes to complete the operation?

    ahhh what the fuck....
  11. Pics or it didn't happen.

    Truthers don't want the truth, they want their personal theory to be confirmed.
  12. From what I understand OBL and his wife were unarmed. Others that were killed were involved in a "gun battle" but the 40 min operation includes get in, get info, kill, and get out. I agree entirely that they should have been able to take him alive unarmed but an "aggressive action" can be any sudden movement and no one in the states is thinking twice about that. I just think if the wife was shot in the leg than there was enough time to shoot bin laden NOT in the face and taken him alive.

    This either was a false flag to piss off the enemy and gain support at home or was a mission to kill.
  13. You ask me to only use facts when I post, then you talk about foil hats and birds and trees....really man? Im not sure how you wrote all that with a straight face..Also, do u think calling me a troll sheepie strengthens you argument? Practice what you preach and let's try not to call names here..and I am trying to discuss, ur the only one who will not answer the questions I ask, but instead attack me and use biased web sites to support you argument.

    First off, his wiki page was likely closed because most of the sources are from his own writing..LOL. That is about as credible as the Truther websites that you always worse then if I sourced GWB's personal website or something that is going to be obviously biased in one direction.

    Second, the buildings were made to withstand airlines and an accidedntal impact, LIKE THE ONES THAT WERE COMMON IN THE 70's. Not the jet airliners from the late 90's. And deff not planes that were full with enough fuel to fly across the country. Can you argue this? Or did the engineers Have a crystal ball so they would know what type of planes would exist, and at such incredible and unexpected speeds like what occurred on 9/11

    Also, just because family members think it is a conspiracy means nothing!!!! Humans always try to find an explanation for terrible thigs that happen, and it is much easier to blame a gov't conspiracy then a set of terrorists who attacked us for reasons that we do not understand and that we do not think is justified...if u think victims families are a real source or in any way credible to speak about the incredibly traumatic e vent, then I'll just leave this whole discussion there...and also, WHERE DID U GET THIS STAT. Please show me

    And with regards to your ~1400 engineers who think it could not have been the planes. What about the countless thousands of other engineers that say it was the plane and have explained the physics countless times..luckily, when ur on the side of REALITY, you don't have to count the number of people who support what about all the engineers who say it was possible??. I guess they are just 'sherries', are part of the conspiracy or are on the payroll...

    And lastly, my personals favorite, if explosives were used, why has their been no evidence, residue or some real scientific proof that bombs were used,,,and please do not use the CRAZY Truther line that says they were "too high tech to be found, because modern explosives don't leave residue...HAHAHAHA. How about just ONE piece of REAL evidence that supports you cause...not individual opinions or deductions or guessed, but real, indisputable scientific me that and I will greatly change my toon, but please don't waste my time with thestandard Truther lines, almost if not all have all been addressed and dismissed several times.

    Were never gonna agree here I fear, but please answer instead of redirecting to statements that help your argument.
  14. [not directed at anyone, just in general]
    Why does everyone have to be a "truther" "conspirator" "sheeple" and any other fucking label? Jesus Christ what the fuck is wrong with people. If you want to put me in a catagory slide me in the one that says "take what the government says with a grain of salt and look to find the REAL answers that MAKE SENSE. Not a bunch of shit that points you in one direction, then another direction, and then realize the first way you were going was completely wrong and you end up running in circles until you give up and give in to whatever they tell you."

    You want solid evidence, what is this?


    What is that on the bottom of the plane? A fucking illusion caused by a shadow? Yeah and roswell was a fuckin air balloon.
  15. Please tell us, bringer of knowledge; all knowing, all seeing deity of pixelated photos!
  16. yeah i don't see anything on the bottom of that plane.. but the bottom of a plane.

    for the record i still beleive that the US killed osama last week..

    but i totally understand why folks think it's bullshit.. look at the shadiness surrounding the whole thing..
    between the burial at sea, no photos, the silly video that they put out with the grey haired osama, and the pics they put out with the black haired osama..

    sometimes i think the US govt almost invites these conspiracies by the way they handle certain events.
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    I don't know what it is, that's why I asked. Maybe i'm brainwashed into thinking its something different huh? :rolleyes:

    You could have said "well, sir, it's one of these"


    Thanks for the unneeded attitude, ya prick. :D
  18. No problem! but by asking "you want solid evidence, what is this?", posting a pixelated picture of the plane flying into the WTC, and then inferring that the underbelly of the plane is discolored because of something that isn't supposed to be there, you kind of open your self up to it. You made it seem like we all should know what it is, where in reality you yourself have no idea.

    This is the very essence of spreading conspiracy theories based on misinformation. You think something is there, you trick your mind into thinking it, you start to believe it, then you show us the same thing you saw while trying to infer something is actually there, only to make more people believe in something that just isn't there.

    Well I'm not going to buy into that shit. I need facts. If you think you know what it is, find a picture of whatever it is, enhance the photo of the plane, and put it side by side on a scale model. Then, after doing that, try to find differences, not similarities, between the two objects. Then, and only then, should you look for similarities. Another big thing that conspiracy theories do is look only for similarities, and making a decision based on that.
  19. You're right, maybe I should have worded it differently.. I was merely asking the question because a few things i've watched on netflix pointed it out. I was restating the "solid evidence" he called for, and so I figured a picture of the plane hitting a building would be SOLID FUCKING EVIDENCE because that's what hit the building. I was not meaning to convince anyone it was anything else, just it is what it is. I see it and it looks a little weird but I can't point out what it is because I have no real knowledge on the subject of airplanes, and it's funky pixelated or whatever you called it.

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