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  2. For resources?
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    Ahahah you Ron Paul supporters just love your conspiracies.

    Look man you can believe whatever you want.
    Yes they are a private company "working for" the government, but they have absolutely ZERO political power, they don't even have lobbyists.

    Now honestly I don't like the fed, and think a centralized banking system is not necessary, but thinking the are playing the government as puppets is.......well......dumb.


    You want to compare the actions of NATO with the actions of radical islamic militant groups, but that is very flawed. If you look at the whole situation and the history involved, you see that America really is not the bad guy. Yes some select NATO soldiers have done terrible things, and we have killed many civilians, but for the most part we are there for the better of the world.
    Even when the Iraqi and Afghani civilians are polled, a majority welcome the change NATO has brought. (You really think they were better under Tyrants and Al-qeada?)
    Why do you think Al-qeada suicide-bombs places that NATO troops are not even in? Because they are not only against America, they are against anyone who does not follow the Shia (basically the more radical version of Islam) sect of Islam. (Most Muslims are Sunni)

    But you must also put into account how Al-qeada uses civilians as human shields. They purposefully live/fight/train right next to civilians for two reasons. 1. to deter and confuse NATO soldiers 2. To use the civilian's death as propaganda against the west (seems to be working).
    If you think they even slightly care about the civilians, you are fooling yourself. Look at it this way, if NATO could bomb the terrorists without killing civilians they definitely would, however terrorists purposefully kill civilians regardless of there being an enemy presence.

    Now I am not saying this long, long war is good. But as long as there are threats to innocent people, someone needs to step in and fix it, and right now the only person willing is us.

    On a side note, if we had never intervened in Iraq, then the Iran-Iraq war would have continued and tens of millions of civilians would have died. They were about to attack each other with WMDs (No not nukes, biological and gas weapons, illegal under the geneva convention)


    :eek:It's gross:confused:

    Hahaha sorry im just blazed...
  4. So they spend 1.38 TRILLION DOLLARS for no more than 50 billion dollars worth of resources ??? Way to use your head on that one...

    Btw what free "resources" did we even acquire?

  5. I simply gave you two examples of:

    1- our government being "capable of mass murder."


    2- a government entity that has gained too much power. I would argue that a group that controls our currency, is legally authorized to utilize price fixing (interest rates), and can legally print money out of thin air has a far greater power than any lobbyist or politician. Cartelization? ;)

    You can try to ridicule me however you want, it doesn't make me wrong.
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    You noticed that huh? I didn't really want to keep typing so I pasted it again (am I lazy or what?:smoke:) And honestly I only opened the fed video (which I enjoyed and agreed with)

  7. I never ridiculed you, (just poked a little fun at, besides I would totally vote for Paul over most other candidates) and never said you were necessarily wrong, I was just giving my point of view.

    But I will have to agree with you that we need to bring down the fed.
  8. I don't subscribe to the 9/11 truth conspiracy. That is to say I don't think our government intently murdered over 3000 of our citizens...

    But was our government aware beforehand that Islamic terrorists were planning those attacks? Yes. But that's neither here nor there. This is an issue that nobody except perhaps a select few will ever be certain of. So for you to sit here and boldly claim that you know something that can't be known for sure says something about you. It says that you sir are full of shit.
  9. I would have to agree with StaysHighAllDay.

    Saying truthers are crazy is exactly what the powers that be want. Always question your reality. I don't think our Gov. was behind 911, but I certainly don't believe the Govs. account of what happened. Too many people made way to much money off of it. And the Bush administration certainly used it to there advantage. No 911 would mean no war in Iraq even though they had nothing to do with each other. But the people would not have allowed it.

    You guys are right, why would we spend 1.3 trillion for 50 billion in resources? Its not that $1.3 was coming out of the pockets of the Administration. Its not like ex CEO of Haliburton would do his buddys over there a favor and award them No bid contracts. Not like Haliburton made any money, or the Carlyle Group for that matter. It surely didn't give the USA a strategic base in the middle east. The list goes on and on for reasons why but im late for work so no time to get into details.

    My point being you got to dig for the truth because the corporate media only protects its corporate interests.
  10. outta here. you guys are too freaking much
  11. How come anyone who disagrees with these accusations as even being a slim possibility always resorts to ridicule in the end? It's what the common ignorant American does in the streets and makes for intelligent conversation/debates impossible.

    Listen to ones argument, dissect it, and respond to it before you simply mock someone as being crazy for pointing out clear facts.

  12. ;)



    What are the odds we will "need" to go into Iran here in the next few months to year? :rolleyes:
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    I was talking to one of my coworkers about conspiracies... I told him the real easy way to tell what may be true is to look at the motivation for it. Look where the money is coming from, where it is going... I tried to explain to him that Obama and Bush are the same person with a different skin color, I was laughed at. He said, how can you possibly think that? And I went on about Guantanamo, Patriot Act, increased troops in the Middle East, Bail outs, economic stimuli, literally every policy but stem cell research is exactly the same as Bush. He just told me to 'look deeper'. What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? I gave you evidence that their policies are no different... Where is your evidence that they aren't?

    Anyways, that 1.38 trillion dollars also isn't really a cost to these people, it is a cost to us. It is a massive contract to arms companies, aircraft companies, etc. It is essentially free money, from us to them. So getting $50 billion in resources on top of receiving $1.38 trillion in free fucking money doesn't sound bad at all. Welcome to how the military industrial complex pounds your ass (without lube).
  14. think the Iranians are like :eek: every time they see that map?

    Syria and Jordan too :eek:

    FOX was just talking about how we should be going in there..

  15. First off, there is WAY more then a slim poss that this is fact there is a 99.99999% chance. And how many times can you argue with the truthers before you just move on, honestly, I don't wanna spend my time with things thAt are honestly nuts. I the usama killing was a conspiracy, why do it now and not closer to the election? ALSO, how many times can science be argued with opinion and ideas and think that holds water in a real debate. But maybe I am just brainwashed and thinking what government wants me to think...LOL. Sorry, I could not hold the laugh in, even ad I type it.

    And, I am not ignorant, just sick of arguing with people who will not or can not listen to ACTUAL reason.

  16. I think we all want to believe and hope that no government, not just our own, would be or is capable of doing anything that would directly harm us or any other innocent human being on the planet. The truth is, that simply isn't the case. How many millions of people have been wiped out by senseless wars over the past decades?

    What do you think of this guy? Seems like a pretty reliable source. He has his doubts about Osama bin Laden and 9/11.

    Steve Pieczenik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    He is a U.S. government insider who said last week that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job. Pieczenik was used by Tom Clancy to base his character Jack Ryan from Patriot Games on.

    Why would he lie, or perjure himself? What would HE have to gain by seemingly ruining his name, reputation, work, and livelihood by getting painted with the "conspiracy nut" paintbrush? You laugh and ridicule but you don't know the truth. You have faith in Government to do the right thing and that's about it...and they have only proved incapable of doing the right thing for as long as I can remember.

    Not picking sides, just asking questions...doesn't seem like it's ever a bad thing to do of Government.
  17. Not picking sides???? How can u say that with a straight face?? Ur posts and sig say very differently!!
    I'll look into that guy tomorrow but just because you have a wiki page or an "insider" does not make you any smarter then anyone else...and if u really believe in such conspiracies, why would bush have not taken Credit for Usamas death? I'll post more tomorrow, but you are just as blindly following a train of thought, the same way, but in the opposite direction, thAt you are accusing me of doing. Also, where did you learn this 'truth' that I am so blind to? And senseless wars does not equal a conspiracy thAT would involve thousands of people and would be neRLY impossible to keep quiet, let alone the difficulties in organizing something such as that.
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    Are you fucking retarded? If they weren't capable of mass murder we wouldn't have fought or been apart of (rough estimate, thanks george carlin) one major war per 20 years of our existence as a country.

    Hiroshima. /argument

    A relative of mine was going to board one of the flights that got hijacked (i forgot which one, its been awhile) and he was pulled from his seat and put on a different plane within a half hour before take off, he works for Lockheed Martin and has been a part of many classified projects that he can't speak to us his family about. I have no proof to say the government had anything to do with the attacks of 9/11, but they sure as hell didn't try and stop it.

    But I digress...

    Go back to believing the magical picture box with all the fancy news broadcasts, literally force feeding fear into your psyche.

    By the way, that little gathering of Americans right after the announcement of his death made me fucking sick... No wonder everyone in the world fucking hates us.

    May he rest in peace, regardless of what he has or hasn't done throughout his lifetime.

    edit: and on that second bold, there is one entity that rules all of the checks and balances, democrat/republican, political and just every day life...

    MONEY my friend.
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    I'm not claiming I'm smarter and I don't know the truth about anything really. For that matter, neither do you. That's where we stand. And that's why there are questions. If I don't know the answer to something I refuse to accept anything that is given to me by an authority figure to be TRUE, especially if it involves my "faith" that it's true (because really, I have no way of knowing for sure). I always have for my entire life.

    I don't really think you'd need "thousands" of people to pull off anything we are discussing. You would need an appeal to rhetoric and a story that never changes. When your stories get mixed up, people ask questions. When the rhetoric doesn't add up, people ask questions. Same would be true of any police officer doing a routine investigation.

    "The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one." - Hitler

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