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Aging Herb

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dah, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. So Wine and cigars and such usually are cherished the longer they age, cheese too so like, what if you got a mason jar, sealed a nice hefty ounce of some good herb and buried it in a box for like 20 years and dug it up in 20 years would it be the best godamn weed you ever smoked or would it need a source of oxygen to age but then wouldn't that just make it rot or dry out. I don't know how weed does with age.

    Then imagine blazing here, just look at that place its godamn gorgeous, it just makes you hopeful in some weird way. Maybe it just me but toking there would be sick.
  2. That place. omg take me on a date there
  3. Lets do it.
  4. Unless you some sort of moisture control in the box it would be the moldest weed you ever smoked.
  5. Where is that place?
  6. Just this Summer I bought an 1/8, put it into a mason jar, and brought it to my lake house for the 4th of July. While on the town with my bud we ended up snagging another 1/8. We smoked the 2nd 1/8 all weekend, and I accidentally forgot that I had hidden the original 1/8 in my stash spot! When we went back, at the end of September I grabbed it and wow! The bud was covered in a ridiculous amount if trichomes and smelled exquisite. Long story short, the bud cured for 3 months, and was superb. I currently have a 1/2oz curing in a jar since October; I plan on toasting that on New Years :)
  7. No idea, just thought it looked amazing so i posted it.
  8. Well you're right haha, that looks incredible. I need to find out where the hell it is and put it on my list of places to travel before I die.
  9. Google image search that shit!!
  10. It's in Croatia.
  11. Plitvička Jezera. Municipality in central Croatia. Known for its lakes, apparently.

  12. #12 Sherak, Nov 17, 2011
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    You would have to dry it out so there is zero moisture in the bud then seal it in a air tight container, problem is the curing process improves the weed over a 6 to 12 month period but after that (could be wrong on the exact time but its close) but yeah after that the THC will start to degrade.

    It is recomended that if you are storing bud long term you should ensure all moisture is gone then keep it in the freezer as it slows the rate at which the THC degrades.

    20 years will probably render the weed stonless, they found some 2700 year old weed in a tomb a while ago and apparently that had no psycoactive properties left Oldest Marijuana Stash Found: Discovery News

    Awsome photo btw! Croatia thou!.... I picture Hawaii or the Carribean or somthing. I think we can get flights to Croat for about 100 bucks :) Gonna have to take the family next year... Or this winter

  13. holy shit that picture too.

    I will have to try and go to Croatia at some point - thanks for the location dah & valingnor!
  14. That place looks like the inside of my closet. (No homo)
  15. these pictures seems awfully photoshopped but croatia... gotta go wand smoke heavy. fersure
  16. I don't think herb gets better which age. I had some Grape Ape for a couple months, in a mason jar, and it just went to powder.

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