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  1. Lately at parties and shit a lot of dudes have been rubbing me the wrong way. I call them out but they always talk there bitch asses out of it. But inside I feel like bashing some fucking heads because of what some dudes be doing and saying but they dont let it get to that point. You think next time someone pisses me off i should just go ape shit on their ass and not even say anything. I'm just trying to ask because i have a lot of aggression inside me and about to blow up on the next person that pisses me off and im a pretty big dude. I need to smoke some weed to calm me down. just felt like venting.
  2. not normal, most people are in tune with their aggression, and can control it. Everyone wants to do what you say once and a while tho man, its just looking foreward to the outcome and realizing its not worth it when you can just go fuck some girl and get loose (its get loose for a reason!!)
  3. buy a punching bag
  4. I am in tune with my aggression. Did i say i fucked anyone up yet? People just piss me off sometimes.
  5. people like you piss me off , do you see me blowing up and going ape shit naww man, you gotta just sometimes let shit go choose your battels wisely and use your head the one on your shoulders
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    Why don't you grow up OP and release your aggression on something other than a living creature.
  7. Try to find a healthy and safe alternative to release your anger. It could save you a lawsuit or some jail time.
  8. Buy a punching bag. Or just work the fuck out jamming to your ipod, or sign up at a MMA gym, boxing gym, wrestling gym, etc..
  9. OR animal
  10. shit happens.
  11. You shouldn't listen to the people who are condemning you in this thread.

    If someone is rubbing you the wrong way, and not just some bullshit reason but is actually rubbing you the wrong way(trying to piss you off), explain to them what their doing and if they continue feel free to hurt them.

    I understand what your talking about man. I'm not necessarily an aggressive person, but if someone is talking shit behind my back, or just in general trying to piss me off I see no problem in just belting them in the fucking face.

    Be warned though; legal ramifications are a bitch. I suggest you buy a punching bag or something of that ilk so you don't hold on to your aggression. However during the moment where that person is pissing you off, stop and think for a second. Ask yourself if they're doing it on purpose, and if they aren't just leave their vicinity. Ask yourself if its worth it, and if what they're doing really justifies a beating. If the answer to all three of those questions is yes, then feel free to let loose.

  12. thank you. to everyone trying to tell me to grow up, im not just angry at the world. its people being dicks for no reason and trying to fuck with people i know that i want to fuck up. its not like im just angry for no reason. i guess some of you dont get where im coming from but w/e. those are the question im going to ask myself the next time im about to bang.
  13. im not worried about legal ramifcations more that if i fuck a dude up a lot of the time around here you might get shot or stabbed later on.
  14. Would you let shit go if someone was trying to start funk with you for no reason? I dont like to let people walk all over me like im some bitch. you dont live the life i live so dont judge me because if you actually met me you would probably like me because i am a nice person.
  15. open your eyes man there is violence everywhere. it doesnt mean im not grown up if i hurt another living creature. if you dont agree with what im saying you can leave the thread because i honestly dont give a fuck what you say.
  16. People suck. This is a realization that all but the most naive people eventually come to at some point in their lives.

    So why bother getting worked up about a universal truth? People are going to suck whether you react to them or not. If you ignore them you will be much happier than if you sit there stewing over how much you want to break their jaw.

  17. Yeah violence is all around. Does that mean we should continue the cycle?

    You don't give a fuck what I say? Fine.

    Go be an idiot. You're scum who is even too stupid to listen to advice when a ton of people are all giving the same answers to you.
  18. Exercising will probably just give him more testosterone and rage to beat the fuck out of someone.

    Also, Ive got a punching bag and it doesnt work. You cant take your anger out on a bag, I feel like it just builds more tension.
  19. have you read everyones responses? I am actually pretty smart. oh and you really hurt my feelings because i care someone on a a forum called me scum.
  20. I all ready lift four times a week.

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